Client cannot login

Russell. You may remember that my clients were having trouble logging in to sign their agreement. You stated it was fixed. It is not and we still have complaints about 2 times a week. I hate bring this up in a public forum but the support person I talked with only told me what she could not do for me. I do not think she understood the issue. I WILL PAY U TO FIX THIS IT IS A BIG DISRUPTION TO MY STAFF. PLEASE HELP WITH THIS OR GIVE ME A NUMBER FOR CLIENTS TO CALL ON WHEN THEY CANNOT LOG IN SO I DO NOT HAVE TO DO SUPPORT. THE SUPPORT PERSON STATED THEY WERE TO BUSY THIS AM TO TAKE CALLS FROM CLIENTS. MAYBE IF YOUR DEVELOPERS TAKE THE CALLS MAYBE A SOLUTION COULD BE FOUND. IT COULD BE AN ERROR ON MY SIDE I DON’T CARE I WOULD JUST LIKE A DEDICATED WORK TOGETHER SOLUTION THAT IS LASTING. JEEZ.

Hi Kenneth, We gladly help any buyer or agent that calls in and we would never tell our users that we are too busy so I know we didn’t say that. I am here at the office and we can handle the work load just fine. You sir were yelling to our support staff and hung up on them. Then came and posted this comment. Today is Thursday and this week we have seen several thousand buyers agreeing to their agreement. That means hundreds a day and we are not hearing this problem. We are here to help and were trying too but we will not be treated poorly. I would suggest we take your concern off the public forum and help you with a solution, even if that means you choosing another service provider.

Kenneth, I spoke with Tracey and she said the username was long etc. and your customer had problems signing in. She said she tried to explain how you can control the length (or increase it perhaps unintentionally) and you hung up on her. You also left a very harsh voice mail for me. Then come up here and say you hate to communicate on a public forum. Tracey said the two people in your office she spoke to had resolved the issue. Please consider having them call in the future so you won’t be so frustrated talking to us and we can stay in positive spirit

It’s no wonder NT has begun his own HG section on his Forum, and a inspector or two have begun one on FB, to be able to get support from other HG users so they don’t have to deal with HG attitudes anymore!

I see another mass migration from HG to HIP and others in the near future.

Not true JJ who is a hip user trolling here. Besides me and Kenneth Rentz go back years and you have no idea what you are talking about.

I am a 9 year InterNACHI member. You are on an InterNACHI Forum. Your software was the first I began with (Nachi-gauge / Doorprize from Nick) when switching over from carbon check-sheets (approx. 2007). After dumping yours, I used two others before finding a home with HIP. I don’t give a rats arse how long you’ve known Kenneth. In his opinion, he has a legitimate complaint. He even went so far to admit it may be his mistake, and that he is willing to pay you to correct it. Extremely fair of him!

IMO… I feel your software is crap, and your prima-donna attitude sux, thus the reason I have not since, and will never try your software again.

Looks like another greedy Vendor is ripe for the ever lengthening “problem” Vendor List!

I’m also glad for those HG users that want to comingle and have a place for user to user interaction. Now we have a presence here at InterNACHI, and on Nathans site, and FB HG users group, and I think Glenford is starting one on LinkedIn HG users group too!

Our presence is even larger in the social circles of the inspection industry.

As being posted on those sites… it is not a positive thing!

My original prediction stands.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :slight_smile:

In his case, it’s always been about jealousy. He must have what the Jones’es have. Pathetic.

JJ its not about his complaint. We helped him and we answered the phone when he called etc. Its about his behavior and the rude manner in which he treats my employees. My employees are friendly and bubbly and are eager to help. They don’t deserve to be treated unfairly.

Your posts you are always negative, hateful and hardly helpful. You always want to bash us even when you don’t know what is going on. Several of the HG users don’t want to participate here at InterNACHI because of the negative trolls and that is why they want a more positive environment and are starting more groups.

You just keep on believing your delusion.

I sir did not holler at her that is just not true. I told her this was frustrating. It is an absolute false hood to say I hollered at her. I certainly did disagree with her.

I did not holler at her and you killed the forum where this would have been private. We have given your number for client login issues and it just was not working. I will begin to track it for you and post here. If that is OK.

Hi Kenneth,
You are correct. I have been doing a 3 day training here at HG and was getting bits and pieces of this issue and the person relaying it to me made a mistake. It was your voice mail that was apparently offensive. I haven’t listened to it yet as we are just finishing up. Tracey came to me and said that you did not yell at her, that it was the voice mail. I apologize for getting it wrong. However, do you deny hanging up on her? It doesn’t matter now. It is you that wants to make this public. I can only imagine to try to show harm. You want to demonstrate that if we had a private forum you could vent, so now you want to make me regret it. I think that my private forum was more public than you think and I am okay with it happening here. I have about 5 guys that really are upset that I removed the forum you included. That is okay, you can post all your issues here if you like and I will respond to them.

Your buyer on this issue had difficulty signing in. Sometimes a buyer may have difficulty. Out of 7000 reports uploaded to buyers just this week, I know of only one that had difficulty. Tracey said she or your staff I cant remember shortened your buyers user name to 123 and they were able to sign in.

TIP: If you want you can create the username for your buyer by using their email address. Maybe that will help. But we don’t have an issue with buyers or agents signing in except an outlier here and there.

I don’t know what to say. I give up. I did not holler in the voice mail either. I did say this is a chronic problem. Russel I am tired of calling in about it and each time starting from scratch. I am not upset you killed the forum either. Never said that. I do think you made a critical business mistake. I do agree with you doing what you want with your company. I will try not to bother you anymore or call the support people. We are vested in your software an it is a big expense to move everyone off of it. I will do my best to move forward. Sorry to have bothered you with anything. It won’t happen anymore.

Well Kenneth,
Don’t give up, just call in with a willingness to troubleshoot why this is happening rather than think our system is broke and needs fixing. I truly am not getting this as a norm so when we start trying to ask questions with you it seems to irritate you. That is why I suggested your office person call in and I bet within an instance or two we can determine whatever it is that you are upset about.

I know You think I made a critical business mistake about removing my forums yet I have HG forums popping up in now many more social circles than I did when I had my HG message board. The message board that was hardly viewed by less than 3 % of my user base. We built the site where we are perfecting answers to our questions for the new users that come every day.

You have been with us for years Kenneth. Remember some of those support guys I went through to find these I have now? I want them happy to help home inspectors. Most home inspectors that call in are friendly. They can be frustrated about something but they usually are glad to get help and we give 100 percent when you call to either resolve an issue or remote view your screen whatever it takes.

Let’s start again. Next time you have an issue call me and give me the address or customer name and we will check their sign in attempts or investigate their difficulty.