I just bought $100,000.00 worth of HG software for you guys who need it.


WOW! Is there a catch??? For the first time I wish I was not a HG user… just kidding;-) Great deal for those eligible!

Wow, if you want to buy $100k worth of Home Inspector Pro, just let me know, lol.


What a great offer. I am sure that there will be 100 happy members.

I would love to get rid of ReportPlus.

I’ve been wanting to switch reporting software.

I just got a call from one very happy memeber. Nick has already called him to confirm his copy. I don’t know how Nick does it but congrats to all who take advantage of this deal.

HomeGauge will give you the support you need to make the switch! We can help you put your company logo on the cover page, insert your contract agreement and get you started fast!

Call us toll free 877-274-4299 after you get your license from Nick!

I’d like to try it. But could I give it to someone else if I decided not to use it? I’d hate to take a copy, not care for it, an then have it go to waste.

Inquiring minds want to know if there is a Texas TREC compliant version?

If so, I’ll give it a go

Thanks and sorry Dom but this is too good to pass up

Barry, Here’s a link that may help (middle of page)

Hey Barry,

No problem, I kind of figured once this was posted today you’d change your mind. Hard to pass up free.


For Texas…after you install the software www.internachigauge.com go to File…set all Texas options and it will be TREC compliant. Be sure and use the Texas template of course.

We would love having you use HG Barry!


Mark, These 100 licenses are not transferable. Please download a trial version first or watch some tours to see if you will love it as much as most HG users. We would love to have you using HG!!


watch the tours now! http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/support/tours4.html

Pay attention to the dual membership thingy, those that are dual members are not eligible - for some reason.

I think HG may not be including the monthly charges, as I see no mention of them being included.

I wonder what they total up to.?

It depends on which package you choose. But it is well worth it.

Sound like a good deal to me. I’m on board! Can’t wait to get it. Thanks Nick!

As good as Home Savy?


Welcome Rodney! Glad to have you using HomeGauge!