Hello everyone, and welcome to the brand-new HomeGauge forums. Over the coming three months InterNACHI and HomeGuage will be working together to move the forums hosted on HomeGauge.com to this forum hosted on NACHI.ORG. Russell, Sean and the rest of the team at HomeGauge will be actively participating on this forum to provide answers to questions, discuss upcoming features and more!

Welcome, HomeGauge!

Should be interesting. Thanks!

InterNachi is poised to conquer the World. Resistance is futile.

Thank you Chris! Over the next 3 months as we revamp the HomeGauge website we will include a new awesome support site for many FAQ and all other topics can be discussed here.

I have never had any other association except for InterNACHI offer my users any kind of deals or benefits at all.

Nick, Ben and InterNACHI have always treated us.


I’m really excited about HomeGauge’s decision to consolidate their forum over here at InterNACHI’s message board.

Welcome HomeGauge!

Must have been crickets over there eh ?
How are the ASHI guys responding to this news ?

HIP has enough users to host their own but good the lessor softwares have a place to go now …:slight_smile:

Hey Bob, go **** somewhere else. You always spend time putting down everyone. Must be a miserable state of mind. I think its a great idea for me to post once not at two or three different boards. Besides our message board is devoted to helping our users and we will continue to do that with our new help center. Meanwhile other issues, gripes or complaints can happen here at InterNACHI and I can answer once and be done. makes sense to me.

Didn’t take long for the clown to show up. :roll:

Welcome to Nachi board and all of its perks and criticisms. One happy yet dysfunctional family.

I hope your software is better than your people skills with retaliation like that being a professional you’re supposed to be.

There’s the pot calling the kettle black:D

Roy were talking about Bob. All I did was ask him to poop somewhere else. After all he was pooping. Bob’s a big boy he can handle it. HomeGauge software though is a lot better than my people skills. That much is true.

Congrats on the move Russell. Looking forward to Home Gauge being part of the forum.
By the way, Home Gauge in my opinion, has truly made the inspection industry Better!

Thank you Ron,
It is going to get even better. Stay tuned!


I can vouch for that :slight_smile:

I don’t see it as any negative. Only positive can come from it IMO. Welcome Russell and HG. I’ve used HG for 10 years now. I’ve bought licenses for 3 different inspectors, many upgrades/services.

Russell has always been a stand up guy and overall HG offers good customer support and one if not the best residential inspector software. They were there in the infinite stages of software and continue to raise the bar. Have I had some gripes, sure. But nobody is perfect.

Russell is entitled to tell someone off or voice his opinion, or have disagreements just like everyone else. This thread shouldn’t turn into pond scum. Keep that in the members area.

Again, thanks Nick for hosting HG, welcome HG glad you are here :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott and thank you Ray!

Russ, you know what I think of your people skills also, LOL. You still a great guy. Welcome, great software, glad you are here.