Client never views report?

So I inspected a house in a sketchy neighborhood.

I had 30 something items, and published it yesterday.

No views by the client or the agent.

Just waiting on the check to NSF.

I was probably the only mook willing to inspect that place.

Reminds me of my first day in Manhattan, visiting nurse service sent me to 186th street in the Bronx. Had never ridden a subway, first job NYC. 3 trains, a bus and nerves of steel :wink:




I’ve had reports go longer than that without viewing before.


I have several reports that according to my software provider, have never been viewed by the client or agent. Could be a software malfunction, or they just don’t really care.

Did they come for a walkthrough?

Once I send it, they can line their bird cage with it. I don’t care. I did my job. I got paid. Next.


Yeah. They were there. I think the bullet hole might have spooked 'em :slight_smile:

I pointed out the two major issues while they were there, probably not going to bother and move on. It was not in a place I’d want to live unless I was living out of a dumpster.

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My suspicion is that far fewer reports are actually reviewed than we realize. If the clients are present for the inspection, I have found they are the least likely to read the report, but agents will still use report verbiage to make repair requests to the seller.
Yesterday, my client ( CEO of a large corp), who was present for about an hour, told me that he just wanted a list of major defects. I told him that would be in the summary at the start of the report. He said, “Perfect” and left. I’ll bet he never reads past the summary.

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It shocks me how long agents and buyers will wait before viewing… if ever. I have several like Ryan as well - never been viewed but were paid for.

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I had a callback a couple of years ago, I pointed out my recommendation in the report, and the client, (young, single woman, first time homebuyer) said “nobody told me to call a plumber.” When I pointed out “Recommend contacting a Qualified, Licensed Plumbing Contractor for further evaluation” written in the report she responded, "oh I didn’t read the report, I just looked at the pictures. I sometimes wonder what people pay us for…


I’ve had reports go much longer than that prior viewing/downloading published reports. If I got paid, who cares?.
Sometimes there are out of town, vacationing or just busy. They have a time limit if/when purchasing. If the bought the property already they are in no real rush.

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I only care simply because this whole particular inspection was WAY, WAY out of my normal experience.

  1. I got a call from a REA who found me on google. That’s a first. I have been in business for over 2 years, but the inspection part is new this year. So, finding me for inspections was some weird google voodoo.
  2. Inspection in the hood. Also a first.
  3. Inspection paid at inspection time, by check. I’ve been mailed checks from out of state, I’ve had credit cards at inspection, but 90% pay the day before online via credit card. So sorta weird.
  4. Only really interested in show stoppers, not all the ancillary damage on the property. Clearly not planning on buying it for himself but “family”.
  5. Drove an $90,000 truck, buying a $150,000 house in a $10 neighborhood. Not planning on renting, planning on living.
  6. Not reading the report.

All just off from my normal business by 180 degrees.

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Heard what you had to say. Directed the realtor to negotiate $20,000 off the price using the report (or not). Will likely never touch the home and just add it to his wholesale inventory/portfolio.


I’ve got an alternate theory.

The check was written from a local Mexican restaurant. This guy was Spanish, so was the REA.

I think he’s bringing in “workers” and maybe planning on housing them in this dump.


I once knew a guy…

He would buy houses and put up partition walls in the garage, living, room, dining room, basement etc. Each small room large enough for a bed and a TV. Some houses he would have 15 or more rooms, each room at $700 month (cash and no lease). It reminded me of migrant farm worker dorms. Completely illegal in my county but he never got hassled.

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Sounds like a place I looked at in College. Was going to go in with like 9 other dudes, we couldn’t find the 10th. Wasn’t cheap. I think “my” room was going to be 1/3rd of one of the original bedrooms. A hole in the wall with a bed. These were in the old huge houses so it was like 6 foot wide, 16 foot deep. I didn’t care. I could get a bed in there and If I could talk a girl into coming up to my room, she’d have to get on the bed. There was no where else! Fell through because we couldn’t make up for the missing man, simply cost too much.

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1: I get calls for REA’s that found me online, so they say. A call is a call to turn into a booking. I have had several REA’s use me prolifically.
2: Always uneasy doing inspections in high risk areas. Hide everything in your car or truck and put on your alarm.
3: I use to get Cheque’s. Been some time. To misappropriate a Cheque can be traced to it’s origin.
5: It happens. Could be a flip investment.
6: it happens. As long as you published the report the rest is up to the client.

I understand. Not normal.
Good luck.

Is a high risk area in Canada, where a moose might attack you or a snow drift might fall over on you? C’mon, Canada…the land of smiling, happy folks. A handful of truckers getting po’d is the biggest thing in Canada.


My inspection business is doing as good as it is because I have a good reputation on the repair side of things. I have 3 realtors who use me exclusively for inspections and I get all the rest because of word of mouth. I work 7 days a week right now, but I’m trying to be successful. I did very well in business before, I’ll do it again in this. Word gets around. I show up, I do the job, everyone is happy.

Rando phone call for an inspection in the hood is like a bolt from the blue. I’ll take it though, don’t get me wrong. Maybe that realtor will start using me as well, I’d be ok with that.


I had one client a few months ago that never “retrieved” my report. The software I use notifies me when a client/agent downloads my reports.

This was an interesting one in that the house was built in 2014, owned by an older couple and meticulously maintained. There were almost no issues except a few safety or cosmetic things. The client and his wife were there and spent most of the time inside the house with their RE agent and seller. Every time I crossed paths it seemed that “this is the perfect house” conversation was being discussed.

Anyway, I spent about 45 minutes with the client and agent on the walkabout after the inspection. Explained certain things that would be in report, but told them other items will be in there too. I was paid and left.

Sent the report that evening and no notice of a download for going on 2 days. The property went back on the market on day 3 after the inspection. The client never opened the report but their RE agent did, once it was back on the market…Hmmm :thinking:

I wouldn’t give a rats ass if they ever read the report as long as I was paid.