Client's "Check List" for Me . . . !

Agent forwarded this guy’s “shopping list” for the inspector (me:shock:?) to be hired.
Still waiting to hear back from him this evening, to discuss this list of his and to encourage him to read

As some of you know, we haven’t had TV in about 10 years, & just enjoy NetFlix.
Are there shows on, out there, that give folks these ideas, or what??

See below:

Aaaaa & Bbbbbb,

From what I heard in Aaaa’s voice message, the Lender has accepted my offer on 560 Xxxxx. I guess that means we need an inspection done. As I told Bbbb, I don’t think I’ll be there so I need your assistance picking an
inspector that has the correct experience, will take photos and does a great job documenting.

As far as experience level, it should be someone with at least 10 years of
construction experience and at least a few years of inspection experience.

Things the inspection would need to cover would include:

proper building technics
complies with National and Local codes
electrical correctly installed, room for expansion, safety concerns plumbing
correctly installed, no hazards, in good shape insulation correctly
installed and appropriate for environment, R rating (floor, walls, ceiling),
additional needed?
proper pest protection, screens in roof and foundation vents roofing
properly installed, vented, hurricane straps in place kitchen & bath fans
working, vent pipes insulated, no sagging, etc foundation type, correctly
installed and drained, hurricane straps in place, access panel yard drainage
including gutters and downspouts, French drains, etc garage installations,
electrical, number of electrical circuits and capacity, unused circuits, can
it be upgraded condition of water heater, supply lines, furnace, etc
location of water shutoff valve, water meter, etc water heater floor drain
window and door condition, leakage, damage siding installation, type, paint
wall and ceiling cracks, floor squeeks, other damage etc…

Ya know, that kind a stuff!!!

Thanks for your help,


Don’t forget to check the mental health of the inspector that takes that job “as is”…:shock:

That Inspection can be contracted and performed…
Is the client willing to pay for what this type of Inspection will cost?

Guess it won’t be happening tomorrow:(; still have not heard from him yet:roll:.
Word is, he’s out in Seattle, would not be able to make it to the inspection:cool: . . . .

I can’t wait to hear how you handle this one Russ.

Yep, I’m kinda looking forward to reading the last chapter too, Bob!

This may end up being one of those books that just get shelved . . .:smiley:

I am just curious if you are looking forward to telling him off or sweet talking him with reason to convert him into a happy client.

I take the SOP approach, and let their comments determine whether the conversation continues!

I would just tell them my procedure .

I’d give him two quotes. Standard for the SOP inspection I always do, then a “premium” that exceeds the SOP from his check list. Let him choose.

All’s well-
He called this AM, we went & did it. I think he was coached by somebody.
And all for a 1500 SF MH! Told him that most of his concerns were actually HUD-regulated & it was probably built inside a huge facility!

Good going ,even if less entertaining than conflict.