Clients not receiving emails

Just curious if others are having this issue? I have had 3 different clients notify me that they did not receive the “Client Verification of Inspection with Agreement and Credit Card Payment Link” email. 2 of them were and 1 was I had them check their spam folder and they claim it was not there as well.

So on all 3 I changed the settings on the email address to mine - saved the order and then told it to send it again. I then received the email and forwarded it to them (this is from account) and they immediately received the email. Very frustrating and embarrassing… I just signed up for ISN 3 months ago and I like a lot of the features and benefits it has to offer. Just don’t understand why they are not getting their emails…???

I’ve had that happen too.

You Need To Use ISN support so they can help. Being the holiday, may not get help til Monday

Hi Ken,

I’ll create a ticket for you. You can always request assistance by emailing our technical support staff at or by opening a chat in your ISN (top right corner)

When our technical team returns on Monday they will be in touch.

Merry Christmas!

Hey Michelle,

I got in touch the first time it happened (about a month ago) and they were not much help at all. I can’t remember exactly what they said and looking back through my email’s I deleted their reply. Then it happened again about 2 weeks ago and since I had already received a reply I just worked around the problem. Then yet again it happened on Tuesday.

I’ll continue to look and see if I can find the reply so I can post what was said but also see that Samuel also has had this problem. Curious over the next few days if there are others that reply that have the same problem.

UPDATE - I found the email in my deleted folder and was mistaken. That email that I received from support was in regards to a client that had received the agreement but was not able to open the agreement to sign it. After talking with the client turns out that problem was due to a firewall blocking it from within the company they worked at. It worked fine using their home computer.

So appears I didn’t open a ticket for this issue after all - sorry about that - but now that the problem has passed not sure if they can provide me any help now.

Samuel, you mentioned that it has happened to you - how often? What do you do when that happens? Did you ever try what I did? Have the email sent to you and then you forward it on to the client?

I think mine was the day when ISN partially went down because of a change in a web provider(?) …not sure… They were very helpful with a temporary fix, and the permanent fix came the same day, I believe.

Hi Ken, Can you please check your sent email folder for the emails to your clients? You have smtp set up so they should be there. Can you also please email me specific order/client info to: and i’ll take a look as well?

Hi Ken,

I’ll contact you directly to navigate all of the email questions and settings.

Thanks, Chris

I have been in contact with Chris via email and he has been MOST helpful with this issue. Turns out it is some “nerdy” settings that need to be fixed with my iPage account. So just a FYI for any others that may experience this in the future just give Chris a holler and he will be able to help you as well…


Chris & our help team can be contacted at any time by emailing