Email bounces or sent to SPAM, etc

I have been dealing with email issues from ISN for quite awhile. Clients are not receiving reports because the emails either bounce or end up in their SPAM folders. ISN had me change SPF records, etc. They tell me that there is no problem from their end and the problem must be on the receiver’s end. However, now I am getting many clients not receiving the initial email with the agreement.

This is most defiantly an ISN issue. If I send an email to my clients directly there is no problem. My guess is that the ISN/Porch servers are being marked as SPAM by email providers because of their excessive marketing emails.

ISN is WAAAY too expensive for us to be dealing with these issues.

I was going to do to NXTInspect but it does not integrate with Whisper. Perhaps I will just make my own using MS Access.

Anyone else having these types of email issues?

It’s becoming a common problem with all 3rd-party email services. If you have the ability to set up auto text messages, this can help dramatically. I have an auto text that goes out with every auto email, informing the client that if they don’t see the email, to check their spam folder.


It’s a catch 22, bunch of cry babies report emails from these 3-rd parties as SPAM, the email provider then blocks them, now their email ends up in SPAM folder, or never arrives, and they complain they never received the email, humans! :smiley:

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Yep, been having the same problem here as well. Although I can send it to myself through ISN and there’s never any problem receiving them, I then forward it from my outlook/gmail account to whomever I sent it to that never received it through ISN.

I never send reports through ISN, only notifications, time changes, and PIAs.

Update: The problem is with sending emails via the ISN server using SPF. Many email providers will mark these emails as SPAM, Promotions, etc. unless the recipient has your email address whitelisted. This is because the sending address does not match the sending email server address (regardless of the SPF record).
ISN support is stating that the problem is not on their end. However, this is a structural problem with the ISN mailer ecosystem.

ISN also has a setting to setup SMTP where you can authenticate to your own email server to send emails instead of the ISN mailer. Here is the link, If ISN sends emails via SMTP through your actual email server it will FIX the problem. BUT, ISN does not have anyone in first line support that understands this. When I setup and verified the SMTP settings, ISN still sends emails via the ISN mailer.
They tell me that escalation to next level support will take up too “25 BUSINESS DAYS”. That is ridiculous for the amount of money that we pay. I also find it interesting that nobody from ISN has replied to this thread.


Yeah, their whole email system seems pretty archaic and unreliable. I recently had an issue with my sent emails not showing up in the log. The reason I was given is the heavy volume due to the holidays?!?!

And I’ve had tons of issues like others on this thread. Gmail, Yahoo, etc. seem to be generally fine and most real estate offices are good (thankfully). The ones that I seem to have the most problems with are .edu domains.