ISN using my email database?

I have had a few emails bounce back to me and had to have ISN remove them from the spam list they have so they would go through. Weird thing though, the dates were the same for all the agents that were on the list (last April) and I never sent these agents any email that month at all (no business with them that month or previous month)! So how did they end up on the ISN spam list?
I have never used any of the email mass systems as I do not send mass emails, only confirmation of inspection and sending reports. These agents also said they did not click on any spam links from me. Are they sending emails like it is from me? It would seem so if they end up on MY spam list in there system. Anyone else have this issue?

Very interesting. I wish I had an answer, other than it sounds pretty fishy.

Clint, email bounce backs are typically caused by delivery issues, sender issues, content conflicts (most typical), and so many other things. Obviously there are no names in this post so I can’t get into the individual details (which is great, I’d love to handle this in support so I can provide you the reasons why they bounced - would you please come into support and provide me the email address so I can look into it for you?). We send a HUGE amount of email every month and have few issues with delivery. Let me know in support who it is and I can find out more information.

Also, for clarity we don’t remove them from a SPAM list. Here is what happens. You send an email to an agent in office X. Maybe that email or maybe anyone else on’s email account pushes the SPAM button on their email then we are required to pause sending on that email address for 30 days. This is an industry rule that we follow so that our sender quality stays high in the community. THUS, the list we remove their email from is that blocked list. So that email will start flowing to them again inside the 30 day window.

Finally, you put the subject as “ISN using my email database?” – absolutely not; the only reason we would send an email to someone in your list is on your behalf (i.e. your email in in the FROM box - e.g. us sending it as you - which is what ISN does really well).

Thanks, Chris

Thanks for answering his question, Chris.

Just got off the phone with them at ISN. Seems hotmail, yahoo and others are starting to shut them down from all the spam being sent to Realtors from our database. There response was call the agent and see if they have a different email or use another ISN type service. I email this agent personally all the time and my emails never get rejected. Anyone else have a different service to try? I only use the agreement, collection and confirmation email of the system. Everything else is just spam to the Realtors. Can’t use any of the reports as I don’t use it for VA (they never figured a way for separate billing for the VA WDO and want to charge $4 to set up and track it. Can’t use reports as I don’t use it for 4 Points/wind mitigations, again at $4.So the reports are not even close to tracking what is needed. Any ideas?