Clip or not

I say clip by definition of newest wind mit form. Anyone disagree?

old clip 2.JPG

I agree…clips

diamond clip.

The Simpson company manufactures them under the name Seismic or “Hurricane Ties.”

Way back I think the house was 1961.
They also had plumbers strap like a wrap. From the bottom over to the bottom. Only 2 nails in it but it was in addition to the clip.

I would contact the manufacturer and see what they call it. If they rate it as something other than a clip, I would mark other and attach any documentation I received.

Clip. It does not attach to the top cord of the truss as a strap that wraps over the top does. The metal plate that attaches the top & bottom cord at manufacture does not count.


Without question a clip

Geeez, you really need to get off that kick that everything has to be validated by the manufacturer. That is a valid clip by definition on the 1802, period.

Mike, why would you think otherwise?

I did not.

I was just curious what the rest of you all would think.

I had a good picture up close and figured I would post it.