Clips and Wraps according to 1802

What is the oldest home you have found with legit Clips or Wraps based on the definition of the current 1802 form?

Please post picts if you got’em

Mid- 1950’s - clips, four nails – can’t find pics — rusty, but not too corroded.


All the time. More so after the 2/1 replaced the 3/1.

Probably accurate for me as well, found some in the 40’s with straps on every other truss…

My house. 1957. Clips with 3 nails.

most of the 1960’s and 1970’s homes in Fort Myers are hit and miss. Most have straps or clips with 1 - 2 nails.:wink:

1927 wood frame but the clips were installed in the 1970’s

1947 Clips

Looks like a wrap?

Why do you call it a clip?

The plumbers strap might be an issue…

I was shocked yesterday to find a 1960 that was legit strap every truss.

Not as per 1802 :slight_smile:
You just can’t say well that looks like it should equal something.

According to the form it is a wrap.

1957 masonry home with top plate. These are U shape clips with 2 nails on each side and fastened to the side of the top plate. I myself consider this a clip with 4 nails, others have said that it needs to have at least 3 nails on one side. What do you guys think?

McDowell_0022 (640x480).jpg

I say not a clip.
Just my opinion :slight_smile:

The form does not say the nails have to be on one side, ie., a diamond clip can have just three nails.

It doesn’t have three nails in “the rafter or truss” so, it would be a toe nail.

Of course, if you knew who made it, perhaps they could give you a rating for it! :mrgreen:
With one nail into the top plate, I doubt it is going to be very strong.

Is there any other photos regarding this? I don’t see the U shapes clip descriped, I do see nails, is it on the other side of the truss? Is the truss attached to the plate by nails though the side of the top plate? The nails driven into the top plate are useless as tiedowns.

The nails in the SIDE of the top plate are not visible, but I have seen this particular clip on another home showing the this, (no photo). Disreguard the nail in the TOP of the plate. Like John said, this is similar to the diamond clip (H10-2) referenced on the last form, except with 2 nails on each side. By the way, there are two separate clips on this rafter.

It occurs to me that others, who posted may be unaware of the u- shape clip. There are in fact 4 nails securing the truss. Section 4, item B, B1. on the OIR-B1-1802. I would do it that way.

I should say I would have included a photo that showed the other side of the trusses.

at $50.00 for the inspection, it’s toenail. At $150.00, I look for credits.