Wind Mitigation Truss Clips West Palm

Truss clips attached to beam and attached to truss with 2 nails on BOTH SIDES. The clips do not wrap over truss. 2 clips per truss, 1 on each side but only 2 nails per clip. 4 total nails. Per form, the clip must have 3 nails. I see it has toe nail. Previous, credible, inspector gave previous owner credit for clips and the insurance company accepted it. Any opinions would be appreciated.

These might help:

Before 02/01/2012, there was no requirement for the amount of nails in a clip. It just had to be nailed. The current 3 nail requirement is for EACH clip. Why is there only 2 nails in a standard hurricane clip…kind of rare? Are there only two holes in the clip? What you may have is the old H1 diamond clip that is one piece but is nailed on both sides with two nails per side. If this is what you have, you may be able to show this to the carrier that one clip has 4 nails. Hope this helps.


Just a heads up for these threads above, where I referenced an old “diamond clip”. I got learned about 6 months later when I found another one with the back side exposed (photo 2). Turns out these are really two separate clips and get toenail selection after all. However the H1A (photo 3) is a true diamond clip that has 2 nails on each side - clip.

McDowell_0022 (640x480).jpg

H1A Diamond Clip 2.gif

Diamond clip is a clip even with two nails on each side.

After further review of the clip I see it is an H1A clip. According to the wording on the 1802 this should be a clip. The clip is attached with 3 nails.

Yes, that is what I would give it

Just make sure that you show that this is what you actually have. The underwriters are still scratching their heads on the concept of a diamond clip.

Why? It has “clip” in the name! :smiley:

Huh?? What name?

diamond clip. :smiley:

LOL, sure that will go far. All I have to do is take a photo of just about anything, and label it as a “diamond clip”, or just “clip” for that matter…works for me.

Take a picture, from the top of the bottom cord of the truss so you can see both sides and then one from each side to show the nails.

There is an example attached