CLIP or OTHER, I'd like to hear from You!

Long story short, one of my insurance agent’s customers has been reinspected. (NOT MY INSPECTION).

The reinspection listed OTHER as the Roof to Wall attachment. The picture shows a strap with 8 or more nails in it. Properly spaced to the truss. Due to the large slope, the strap could not wrap over. House was built in 2007, outside the HVHZ.
Inspector marked: “Other, Single wrap that does not wrap over.”

Underwriting wants to strip the client of credits. My agent asked how should she argue for at least the ‘CLIP’ rating.

Before I answer, I thought I’d put it to my distinguished colleagues.

No wrap = No Wrap.

I would mark clip but that is just my opinion.

Clip, that’s how I would mark it.

How does a wrap not wrap over? Kind of an oxymoron. The attachment you describe sounds like a clip. I would recommend submitting updated report calling it a clip.

I would have to agree with Dennis. No such thing as a wrap that does not wrap. Now a strap nailed to one side would be a clip.

me to

I agree and I advised the agent to point this out to underwriting. They say they cannot see a ‘CLIP’ in the pic. CLIP.pdf (108 KB)

I can see it but it is a poor picture in my opinion.

I can see it too and it is a lame picture, but, that is and always has been a clip. Whoever said other must be retarted

The picture should be better and show the top of the wall. I would have moved the insulation. I would explain in the picture as it being a strap nailed to one side equals clip

Underwriting wants to strip the client of credits. My agent asked how should she argue for at least the ‘CLIP’ rating.

I do not understand how the insurance company can strip the clients of all of the credits. I have had this happen before. Why are they not only removing the one credit in question.?

My understanding is, when ‘OTHER’ or ‘Unknown’ is marked it nullifies all the following credits.

Another reason to tell them to pound sand and to shove the ridiculous picture requirements up their a-s.

You saw it and said it. That is the end of the story.

If they cannot see it then it is not visible and therefore NOT required.

Tell your client to tell the insurance company that they will be filling an immediate complaint with the OIR.

It usually does. Re-write the report with a better pic and new date.

Look the house has been upgrade to clips!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw the pict for the first time.

What is poor about that picture?

Circle the clip for the idiots and send it right back to them.

The reason these morons are getting away with this sh-t is because you are all putting up with it.

There is NOTHING wrong with that picture. Unless I am looking at a different picture or something.

Call the underwriter and ask to speak to his superior. The guy is a moron that is a clip.

Stand tall and do not take their crap. Feel free to contact me if I can help. Send me the morons phone number and I’ll call him.

Remember this would not even be a conversation if it were not for the morons that have never been in an attic giving their two cents.

It seems it is more the. “Other” box then anything else. That clearly meets the clip definition and if you submit another report with it marked clip that will solve the problem.

I have asked the Florida Building Officials to lobby the OIR to change this very condition. A strap that has either two or three nails wrapped over and attached to the opposite face, would have an uplift value of about 450# and would have zero lateral restraint while the condition you are reporting an embed strap with 8 nails would have an uplift capacity of about 1150# and lateral restraint of around 350#. On new construction the minimum uplift is generally required to be #850 uplift and #250 lateral. So insurance discounts are being denied to superior construction and being given to homes that do not meet even minimum engineered design and would be expected to fail during a tropical storm event.

I agree with this assessment of the uplift values which really means that the correct answer should be wrap. Ater all the whole point is to identify components which provide superior mitigation features.

Thank you gentleman, I will advise the agent…The sad part here is that this is NOT my inspection.

This is the underwriters re-inspection. The poor quality pic is from their guy.

I think the correct thing to do is to query the report that they provided. A wrap is a long strap that wraps the top of the truss, and is nailed on the back(as well as front). This one does not and therefore cant be called a wrap. A strap for the purposes of this inspection is marked as a clip. Tell the guy to bring it up with the company that did the inspection for citizens, at the very least they will have someone re-look at the picture, or re-inspect the job, and they will have to change it. Best part is it wont cost him a cent.