clips or other

Single wrap: 2 nails on one side and one on the other. Would you check other with explanation or clips?

Oh sorry…or single wraps

Both, Mark clip, write wrap with two nails and one nail.

lost an agent today. She told us that is a huge discount and doesnt understand why we would not mark “single wrap” like all the other inspectors do.

Concur with John. Doesn’t seem like you would want to be associated with this agent anyways.

I had the same scenario. The house had no hurricane protection, was built in 93, wood frame second story, and the agent was saying it was going to revert to the weakest form of attachment, toe nails, if I didn’t mark single wraps.

There is another thread on here somewhere that has a snippet for the course that says something to the effect of when the picture is different than what is marked, it should be marked “other” and a description added.

Then in the class, it was clip and an explanation.

I wonder if they change the form to accept two nails as a single wrap, if there will be an automatic discount or will re-inspections have to be done…again!:mrgreen:

That is exactly why. If it is not on the form, they can not get the credit, even at a later date. But remember just like every inspector, every company may have it’s own take on the form.

irregardless of what an “approved class” might say, a strap with 2 and one meets the definition of a clip on the form. For “retail” insurance inspection purposes, marking “other” seems to always translate to toenail or attachment a.

Even with an explanation? I usually check other and state single wrap with 2 nails on one side and 1 nail on opposite side. Then in the pictures I show a shot of the strap on both sides of the truss and explain under as well.

I use to check clips and other with the same explanations. I just figured save a checking two boxes if I explain anyway

you mess up the agent with other. in universaL "s system, it removes ALL the credits


FWIW, a quote from another agent, “That isn’t how Don Myler does it”!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Exactly. If you mark “other” even with an explanation… you might as well have given them nothing.

Well I guess it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The minimum requirement for a clip as I have always been using is 3 nails on the front side. The minimum for a single wrap strap is 3 on the front, 1 on the back. If it does not have those req’s, then the selection is other, and yes, there is no discount. I just hate that there is no uniform standard being stated on that form for nailing. If the OIR would say clearly on there what they want nailing wise, it would eliminate 100% of this confusion. Citizens wants what I stated above, but who knows what any other company would accept…

where does it say three nails for clips?

Dennis, I’m currently doing the outreach reinspections for Citizens here in Pinellas Manatee Hillsborough county as a subcontractor for them (the program where they’re reinspecting all wind mitigation policies). Citizens is requiring for clip credit 3 nails in the clip. 1 or 2 we are required to mark other. I have been doing same for all my retail inspections for Citizens as well as I don’t want any issues down the road with agents/insured’s about losing discounts post my inspection.

Where does it say clips must have three nails? Ive seen citizens call clips with two nails Clips… After the reinspector called it “other”- Clips with 2 nails. So the client didnt lose the credit, but kept the clip credit. On the retail side, however, the report goes through different channels and Marking other will result in the policy reflecting “toenail” or removing all credits in the case of some carriers. I understand you are working for the insurance company, but where does it say on the “1802” that a clip needs three nails?

You can compare it to the FBC Credit. The reinspector says it doesnt meet cuz its tile. The Homeowner keeps the credit anyway. The reinspector calls the clip other with 2 nails, the homeowner keeps the credit anyway. The retail inspectors puts that stuff… H/O loses all the credits, the agent loses the client, the inspector looks retarted.

Thats good advice. Everyone should mark other, unknown, or no attic access. Especially in my area!

I’m not saying on the 1802 it says that at all. I’m saying I wish that the 1802 did state how many nails straps/clips need universally on the form so we could all be on point 100% of the time without these grey areas. Right now, statewide, under the outreach program for Citizens that is going on, all inspectors are going out to reinspect and if we see a clip with 2 nails, we are trained and told in all cases to mark “other” on the form per what they have mandated in their training classes for this program, and likely I would surmise, the insured is losing their discount. It is not my decision or my rules, I am just playing by what they are telling me/us to do collectively. And like I said on my other post, on my own retail side for Citizens if it has a clip with 2 nails, I personally am marking ‘other’ like they have instructed us to do on the reinspection side,because I know that down the road, there’s probably a chance it might get reinspected and I don’t want a client losing a credit and coming back on me. It’s just my choice, not saying that anyone else has to do, just stating what I’m seeing from Citizens on the back end. People are losing alot of credits unfortunately. Not saying its right or wrong, just is what it is. Once Citizens turns on their retail program, none of this will really be an issue with them, as policyholders will only be able to use approved Citizens inspectors trained to what Citizens wants. Not sure when they plan to launch their retail program though. I know Nick has submitted proposal to be part of it, but so have alot of other companies/organizations…

I am not arguing with you, but, that isn’t what it says on the form:

And, if we are going to use the form for direction, then a wrap with two nails should be marked “other”, regardless of the consequences.
According to the form, here is the definition of a single wrap:

Now, if we are to believe the study by Simpson with regards to wraps with 2 nails…never mind…I have a headache!