Cloth branch circuit wiring

1959 home with original cloth wiring. Electrical panels have been recently updated, just not the wiring. What is the latest on cloth circuit wiring in the house and in terms of home insurance?



From the photo the conductor insulation appears to be thermoplastic type TW.

If the outer jacket is intact and it has a ground, it is ok

Photos I guess are not that clear, but it is definitely cloth running through the attic, to the a/c unit and to the recently installed sub -panel. It is has a ground wire and what is visible appears to be in-tact. My understanding is that it is hit and miss with insurance companies, who ultimately are swaying buyers to have the wiring updated via increased premiums. Thanks for your comments!


If it’s typical sheathed wiring I don’t think it’s a problem whether grounded or ungrounded.
If it was half the houses in Baltimore couldn’t get insurance!

That is not considered cloth covered wiring. It has a braided cloth “sheathing”.

Good point - thank you!

No alarms go off on this end.

correct. I see it all the time around here. I rarely comment on it, unless it’s frayed