Cloth wire or cloth sheathed non metalic cable?

Illustrative photo, thanks!

Where is this information from? I’ve worked on tons of old homes and office buildings that had tinned copper conductors be it AC cable or NM and the “cloth” was always on the outside of the rubber insulation.

Link in his post…

Sorry I was asking about the information in that article which seems to be incorrect.

No surprise here…


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Never seen this before, but interesting.
Asbestos wiring insulation | ELG Law

Looks like he copied from this guy or vice versa. LOL
Don’t know where he got it from. :rofl:
What is Cotton Cloth Wiring? | Glenco

Hi Jeffrey, what is the difference? They are so often used interchangeably.
I’m taking a guess that “tap” has something to do with where the power originates (tapping the power) and lugging refers to any wires that are doubled?