4 Point / "Cloth" Wiring Question

Hey everyone. I couldn’t find a recent thread regarding my question…

So I have always been told by local insurance companies that the insulated NM wiring with braided cloth sheathing is considered “cloth” by them on the Citizen’s 4 Point form. Never really had an issue with my clients getting insurance with “cloth” checked on the form and pictures of the actual wiring included in the report and labeled “NM wiring with braided cloth sheathing” until recently. I’ve gotten 3 calls in the past week saying that insurance is denying them coverage.

Does anyone have a definitive answer as to what the insurance companies consider “cloth” wiring on the Citizen’s 4-Point form? Are they starting to crack down on this type of wiring lately?

I’ve attached a picture of some of the wiring in question, which I list as: Insulated NM wiring (braided cloth sheathing) in my full inspection report.

Call the insurance company and ask them.:smile:

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Yeah unfortunately insurance company already deemed it cloth and denied them. Listing agent is calling me an ass for including it in the 4 Point report. Not that I care what they think.

I’m just wondering if I should even include it in the report anymore, but don’t want the client’s insurance to be revoked down the road if an adjuster visits the home in the future.

Then, who would be the a ss if there was a fire and the wiring was falsified?

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Heat and humidity degrades the braided covering on the older NM wiring. Your Florida climate doesn’t help. I suspect the insurance companies have experienced more claims than their algorithm’s allow.
IMO it should be included in your report.
As Larry indicated, a call to the insurance company may clarify their decision.

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Agreed and that’s what I explained to the clients. Just to be clear, they all seem to agree with me and aren’t blaming me for anything. I just feel bad for them, and the listing agents are trying to paint me as the bad guy. There’s a lot of old houses where I live and 99% of them have this type of wiring.

I think I just found my answer regarding a more strict enforcement: https://www.citizensfla.com/-/20180209-roof-and-4-point-inspection-form-updates

Looks like the Citizens form was updated September 1, 2018 to include a cloth wiring checkbox.

That looks like cloth jacketed wires, not cloth wires.
Most insurance companies classify them as same.

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From the picture you posted it appears the wires are thermoplastic coated, most likely rated TW, only the protective covering over the wires is cloth, I do not classify the wires in the photo as “Cloth Covered Wiring”

Most cloth covered wires are installed in armoured cable.


This is a photo of “Cloth Covered” BX Cable (Armoured)