CLP? Wire Size

Was looking @ new construction… saw the SE plans, had made mention of the 4/0 being used and the % & Flicker Rating… I ended up talking to the Service Planner and he mentioned already have re-calcing to CLP??

I asked “MCM 350? via 3 inch ducting, right?”

NO!!! CLP” And dumbed down the rest of the conv. for me, I needed that BTW…

I still thought planning/calcing to .02 under a max drop was going cheap, but I needed the dumbing down anyway. :smiley: Maybe some of that CLP400 would help.


Beats me…

Flicker rating??


Voltage fluctuation. It’s likely used in other ways, but my experience is that of mostly a Utility’s calculation for fluctuation more so than that of simple V drop AFAIK. They now calculate and in some cases include both the Flicker rating as well as the VD calcs. I think there is even a flicker meter, although I’ve never seen or used one.

Huh…never even heard of the term ‘Flicker rating’ before.


So what are you actually trying to calculate? The size of the service entrance conductors? Is CLP the utility company? % is used in calculating the available fault current based on the impedance of the utility transformer and the size of the supply conductors.

Just had never heard of CLP as a reference for size of wiring… when asked, was reiterated to me as well. I’m assuming it’s just another way of describing the MCM350, or their (utility) internal way of labeling a wire.

Portion of plan attached… seems the the new VD calc went to well below 2, just like magic. :smiley:

The flicker calculations are a bit complicated from my limited understanding, some design between disturbance and tolerance waves or something like that.

I can take a guess here that CLP is for Cross Linked Polyethylene. Typically that wire type is called XLP not CLP. Here’s an example:

Cool find Robert. That certainly makes sense… what else could it be?

Even @ a dry amp of 350, that’s a longggg haul :slight_smile:

Then the remote goes back to the other side of the home, in the corner closest to the first hand hold… in the master bedroom closet to boot :). Yes… I asked the AHJ to confirm, “Tim, it’s in an alcove of the closet, it’s OK there.” okie dokie

An even dumber question would have been, who was the ding dong that allow the panel to be spotted there… would have made a weeee bit more sense to install main adjacent to HandHold, no? Then install remote in the other side of the home.

Sometimes one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

I’m assuming that the utility has a requirement for the hand hole enclosure (I’ve found that they don’t like horizontal buried elbows). IMO it would be easier to do this in one conduit run with a nice long radius elbow instead of the pull point. Pulling 350’s in and out of a 13" X 24" HH is asking for trouble.