I just wanted to inform you all, that I had contacted the CMHC today, and was speaking to several reps with regards to the certification of Canadian Inspectors. I mentioned the fact that if they were to consider an organization to carry the torch, it should not just be OAHI. I told them that I was a proud member of NACHI, and soon to be a member of OAHI, and that I am not going to sit on my *** and see this certification destroy, or even make any attempt to damage the credibility of NACHI.
I told them if its a battle they are looking for, it’s a battle they are going to receive.
It’s time guys to take the bull by the horns. No time to back down now.
Lets go for it.


CMHC also ignores NACHI in western Canada. Only CAHPI is recognized.



Why would you join OAHI? They don’t need any help, at the rate they are going they are their own worst enemy. It sure looks like they are having a hard time overseeing and managing their association. They have been at it for a long time and never move forward.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Lets go for it.