CMI Brochure Beta

I need some feedback from you guys about this CMI brochure.
How can we help it so everyone who wants to use it will
get the best results.

John you have too much NACHI on there it should be CMI COE not NACHI COE Can you send it to me in word or publisher and i can try to make some changes for your review We are separate from NACHI

I agree less or no NACHI? .
I also think the CMI Crest should be in the top right so when the Broucher sits in a rack the CMI stand out . I like what you have done very much Thanks … Cookie

I only have it in pdf. You are welcome to do anything you want to
help it. This is just a starter.

Good point Mr Cooke.
I did not make it, but am working with someone.


Looks good.

Although CMI is not technically NACHI, it is very closely tied to it. As such, there is no harm and no foul with John’s format.


I am chairr of ESOP for CMI. CMI COE is the same as the NACHI COE. There is no vote, and no decisions on the matter. It was decided long ago.

This brochure could be adjusted for ASHI or NAHI members, if needed.
But for NACHI members, it will work well… after some tweaking.

Here’s a copy of jfarsetta’s reply:


I am chaitr of ESOP for CMI. It is the same as the NACHI COE. There is no vote, and no decisions on the matter. It was decided long ago.

Joe if you compair the 2 they look different to me. They may have the same basic content but NACHI COE states NACHI and CMI states CMI. The pages are below. Take a look

I was not placing a vote. I was stating a fact CMI is separate from NACHI and should not use the NACHI COE. Actually i think that may even be against the law. But you should know that better then me.

Again…if you tie NACHI to CMI it will fail. The only way to succeed is to appear neutral to all associations so get the blessing of ALL associations and then put all the logo’s on it…until then CMI only.

Just my opinion…


A CMI Brochure should be CMI Only.

I have to disagree. NACHI is an association CMI is a designation The only thing they have in common is that some CMIs are members of NACHI. Some are also ASHI and NAHI. You may be ESOP but i am Membership Developement and i am promoting CMI to increase the membership from all associations and stating NACHI SOP in a CMI document will hinder that.


Why the struggle to keep CMI as a sister program of NACHI and then keep saying it’s not. Why not let the designation run freely across all HI organization party lines? Does the CMI ownership believe the program will eventually cause HI organization members to leave ASHI for example and come join NACHI.

You guys all know, if you don’t make CMI an independent, stand alone designation, completely free of NACHI influence, other HI organization management will shoot us down at every opportunity. If we take this brochure to the ITA Expo and display it for example, we might as well set up our booth in the NACHI suite…

Can’t you guys let one program develope that benefits an inspector without constantly worrying about how your going to make money off it?

This brochure is for a NACHI members who is also a CMI.
We need one someone to create a CMI only brochure too.

We also need a ASHI members and CMI brochure.

CMI can be promoted with or without any and all associations.

This brochure is intended for a particular kind of inspector
who is proud to promote NACHI and CMI.

Others may want to promote CMI by itself, or in combination
with several other associations. It’s up to each inspector to make
that call.

I just wanted to help and get the ball rolling. :slight_smile:
On this message board, I promote my NACHI family first.
Beyond this fourm, CMI crosses all borders, and fits many needs.

BTW… CMI will never fail… it’s already the 900 pound
gorilla in my area. And it continues to walk where ever
it wants, as it moves into other areas as well.

John made a generic brochure that I just over print with my added information . You might want to contact him with our ideas and see if he has time and some ideas he did a fantastic job . I have been looking but can not find then now on the NACHI site .
… Cookie

Is this what you are looking for Roy?

This brochure can be adjusted and made to fit anyones needs.
I have more than one printer who can take it from there.

No but that is close to what he did it has printed in the back ground NNC and it had to stay here. it was for sellers & realtors and was done in Print shop and was easy to adjust to what I wanted.
… Cookie

John i think that is good but i think we need to do one at a time or we need some more volunteers. I only see a small number kicking in there time.

I don’t expect anything from anyone and that way I am never
disappointed. Nothing says that a person has to do anything.

I appreciate everything you have been doing.


A CMI may include ay or all association affilliations he/she wants to within their individual brochure and marketing schemes.

There s no requirement for a CMI only brochure, nor will anyone run afoul if they include the NACHI, ASHI, NAHI, or any other COE they follow in their brochures.

Advertising a CMI status is voluntary. How one does it is up to them. If John wants to include the NACHI logo and SOP he may.

CMI is not an organization. It is a designation.