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This is for Nick
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Today I attended a seminar on infrared cameras and mould dogs.
Exchanged business cards with the mould dog owner and he had CMI after his name. I asked him if he was a NACHI member. No he was not. What does CMI stand for?

“Certified Mold Inspector”

If memory serves me right Nick registered CMI in Canada and I believe the US. If so then Nick you have something to sort out.
The National Association of Mold Professionals are using CMI for people they are certifying.
If they have the rights to CMI then NACHI must abandoned it’s usage. If NACHI has the exclusive right to CMI them NACHI must exercise it’s rights and stop unauthorized use of CMI.

If CMI does not belong to NACHI then My CMI is worthless.
This has to be sorted ASAP.

Take a look


Todd, we’ll have to add “Arizona Certifed Master Inspector”

I wonder if Brian got the logo made yet…:smiley: :smiley:

I like this one the best:

CMI** Curse of Monkey Island (gaming)**



Type in CMI
See results Item 10

Search Page

*** Note Data on trade-marks is shown in the official language in which it was submitted.
The database was last updated on: 2006-10-11
not registered STATUS: DEFAULT - SEARCHED **FILED:**2005-10-04 **FORMALIZED:**2005-10-05 APPLICANT: Nick Gromicko
1750 30th Street
Boulder, Colorado, USA 80301
BOX 1381
SERVICES: (1) Professional designation for inspectors who are members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors of which applicant is both founder and Director.
CLAIMS: Used in CANADA since May 01, 1997.

			   				   			     				   				    Created 				    05 October 2005 				    
			   				   			     				   				    Formalized 				    05 October 2005 				    
			   				   			     				   				    Correspondence Created 				    05 October 2005 				    
			    Missing address in Canada 				   				   			     				   				    Search Recorded 				    14 March 2006 				    
			   				   			     				   				    Examiner's First Report 				    21 April 2006 				    21 August 2006 				    
			   				   			     				   				    Default Notice Sent 				    14 September 2006 				    14 November 2006 				    Defaulting Action Date: 2006/04/21

Last updated: 2006-10-11 Important Notices

Don’t see Cert. Mold Inspector at the site.

Good greif!!

Looks hopeless!

Does NACHI have CMI trademarked or reserved for NACHI’s exclusive use.

That list would say not. :twisted:

I believe its the date of first use thats important. NACHI claims use since 1997.

As I noted National Association of Mold Professionals is not even listed in any of the hits.

So we can sue anyone that uses CMI that is not a NACHI Certified Master Inspector??

I am not sure what Nachi is prepared to do. You can’t sue them right off the mark, you have to first formerly warn them of infringement. Just as ATTBC has warned inspectors in BC not to use CHI. However to my knowledge no one in Ontario has ever received a formal request to cease using CHI in Ontario. Unless someone know differently. I was supposedly reported but have never rec’d a notice of infringement for CHI from ASTTBC, fwiw.

It is as I remembered it CMI Certified Mater Inspector is registared in Canada.
Has CMI been registared in USA?

Before we launch a law suit we should ask the National Association of Mold Professionals to stop using CMI in Canada and the USA if CMI is registared in the USA.

Their web site address is

Also, CMI is somewhat generic. There can be no confusion in my opinion between Nachi and a Mould company. Two different identities or businesses. You have to be able to prove there is confusion in the market place by use of CMI from what I know.

Well, the list proves that it most likely can not be enforced.

If you choose to be a CMI “Certified master Inspector” make sure you are ready to be in court as an expert witness, or possibly a member of the “Certified Monkey” LOL

Either way:p

If you advertise yourself as a CMI (HI) then you are just asking for trouble…

See also

**A Guide to Trade-marks: Making sure your Trade-mark  can be Registered**

CMI can stand for all sorts of things but the use of it after your name is something that can be registared for exclusive use. If you want to see the s**t fly try putting MD or P.Eng. after your name. The doctors and engineers will be all over you so fast you will wonder what hit you.

Nich has registared CMI and I expect to have exclusive use and the public to be edcutated on what it stands for.
If this is not going to be done what is the point of having the letters after you name.
If anyone can use the letters and have it stand for whatever.
It’s Certified Master Inspector.

Certified Monkey Institution is not acceptable.
Neither is Certified Mold Inspector.

Defend it or forget it.

It really makes no difference Raymond.
If you say you are a “Master Inspector” The day will come that you are to prove this, I am good , but not that good.:wink:

I just got my first Cardinal of the year (female) Male will be here in 2 days… clockwork

thread drift :shock:

It seems that it is registered as Certified Master Inspector (CMI) so maybe you have to use the whole thing and not just the acronym. I don’t think they would have trademarked an acronym that has so many other usages.

Fwiw, I don’t use CMI, I use CHI. Any descriptive title is only valid if it is a licencing body or enacted under legislation. Self regulating voluntary associations have very little weight with titles they hand out. Titles are a dime a dozen unless enacted by public authorites or legislated by government.