CMI history

Thanks for being honest.

Wayne, we are speaking about “CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR”, not the average inspector that has a question. And that is the point. A “MASTER” should not be asking questions on basic home inspection items. A “MASTER” should not be giving incorrect information (not a difference of opinion, but wrong information). MASTER should signify the pinnacle of the profession, not a free or bought certificate.

Yes, very interesting, but not all that surprising. That thread must have fallen throught the cracks and was overlooked.

All is not lost… it was replaced by this thread…

Criss many bemuse life’s errs with the of levels of good and evil giving no thought to circumstances. I forgave myself over 2 decades ago. I am honest, ethical and try to learn daily.


Is it just me … or is it a bit wierd to devote so much time attacking the CMI designation while actually having the balls to market yourself to the publicas a “CRI” … a "certified residential inspector"?

Isn’t that designation … “CRI” … immediately available to any INACHI member prior to performing their first mock inspection? How many hundreds of wannabe home inspectors are carrying this “certification” while still having their very first set of batteries in their shiny new flashlights?

What is the “CRI” designation on a logo published on a website supposed to represent to the public, do you think?

I read somewhere on this thread where a guy refuses to market himself as a “CMI” until it “means something” … but then proudly displays his “CRI” logo in his marketing material*. *

Interesting, isn’t it?

Maybe he will share with us what his “CRI” designation means to him, other than it’s free and came with his membership.

Hey… thanks for the link to my website! All the hits from members checking it out is awesome!

As for your childish attacks, I don’t give a rats a s s what you think. I am using a logo that is available from my Association for my use, stating that I am a Residential Inspector, which I am.

Is it any fault of our’s that you and others were duped into believing you bought into something CMI is not? Nick has stated what it is and isn’t on this very MB many times. Perhaps some of you veteran CMI’s should start paying attention.

The “CRI” has spoken. LOL.

The vast majority of the CMIs I know don’t spend any time here at all, playing squat tag on the MB. They are too busy out making money, getting their asking prices. ALL of the ones I personally know too are extremely well trained with multiple streams of income, most if not all sit on advisory boards for local building, IAQ associations and have been doing HI when some of the message board commandos were still crapping yellow in their pants.

Someone mentioned or asked WHY the CMIs don’t come and weigh in more on this board. To the man, they all said they used to do it for the betterment of the industry but got sick and tired of the piss ant noobie inspectors who come here to get others to basically write their reports for them and / or when they answer someone’s questions they want to argue with the experienced inspector if they don’t like the answers. So, why train the competition. If they are gonna drown, put a hose in their mouth. They also state they don’t have time or the inclination to wade through the drama…Kinda like this thread. If you don’t like CMI, don’t apply for it. It is no skin off anyone’s nose.

Thanks Doug WELL SAID .
We sold our business and are retired ,I enjoy helping and giving info where I can but as many others have done I too am disappointed in what goes on with a very few who have done and continue to destroy this forum .

I was very pleased to be a CMI and most I have met where glad they too where CMI’s .
This industry treated us very well for many years .
It is obvious very many still appreciate me
( ) (118) .
and a very few seem to be extremely jealous
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I and other appreciate your post’s Doug please do not stop .
All the best… Roy

Certified Master Inspector is a tool that works (it really, really works well). Use it if you like… or don’t.

It was not designed to make you feel proud about yourself or improve your self esteem. For that, see a head shrink.

Master or Mastersare terms denoting some kind of rank or status, and may refer to:
A CMI master inspector should not be defined as a master degree but a Masters designation.
I started this post because of negative contagious rants and followed.
A much bigger picture has arose after giving the CMI the much needed thought it deserves…
CMI is a useful designation.

I was sorry I started the thread publicly but not now.
I did so with honest intentions and now have my honest answer.
My own:-)
Most CMI holders are true Masters and proficient at certain or all components. That is the prerequisite.
[size=3]To say some CMI holders have made mistakes on the MB is in bad faith. I have seen the best err.
InterNACHI is the greatest home inspection institute of education and association in North America. Several factors are behind its success. Its open discussions and members wellness to get involved.

  I see the CMI as a great designation. A measurement. Personal pride for involvement within the residential and inspection industry  and contributes to ones business success. 

Possibly an effort by its members can help improve what they see as short comings.
The word master has many meaning.
I should have been more open to its translation.

How so many fail to understand the benefit is beyond comprehension…

Ain’t that the truth?

This is what CMI means here in Kansas:

“Mr. Buyer, you do not need to spend that $500 on some sort of master inspector when I have a contact person that can do the inspection for only $225, and does the report by state laws”.

I am one of the very few full time, state licensed, certified Master Inspector in Kansas. I am lucky to do 4 inspections a week.


Gary, that is not true!

From what I read you might be getting more Inspections then 50% of all Nachi members .
(" state licensed, certified Master Inspector in Kansas ") Am I not seeing some thing about the Amount of Inspectors in KS

Certified Master Inspectors in Kansas

Are CMI’s certified mold inspectors?

CMI’s on that list have web sites that do not work. Being full time, I do not earn money from any other source, or retirement. All CMI’s here in Kansas should be doing more inspections than we do now. IMO, being a CMI here does not help our businesses.