Coming soon: CMI getting an entirely new website.

Onwards and upwards!

Look what you did now Russell.


My though exactly.

So this is different from guys having a private forum because…?
Cost is $1000 sounds pretty exclusive.

Mine too.

You thought wrong. The structure for the new CMI site had already been built on the InspectorPages platform We’re just waiting for our editor and design team to pimp it out before we transfer the domain name.

CMI’s don’t have a private forum and never have… InterNACHI graciously provides this forum for CMIs and has for as long as I can recall (just like it provides one for IAC2 and TPREIA). This will continue as it is harmful to our profession to dilute the industry with multiple message boards. The MICB isn’t InterNACHI and in all honesty… doesn’t have the slimmest hope of becoming an association that gives InterNACHI any competition.

InterNACHI is light years ahead of every other group in the inspection industry and is the first organization (in any industry on earth) to succeed at becoming a truly worldwide professional trade association, spanning the globe. A first in human history. Quite miraculous IMHO.

As for the MICB… it has but one job and isn’t looking for a second.

So CMI is a separate association or a private club?
Will non CMI be allowed to post and soak in the exact same knowledge?

Pure coincidence. ha ha .

Neither. It is a Board that administers a professional designation. That is it’s sole function and it seek no other duties. That’s not going to change.

Not sure I understand the question, but non-CMIs have always been allowed to view and post in the CMI forum. That’s not going to change.

OK just checking.:slight_smile:
Never been a fan of any designation that pretends to be better than being a NACHI member but that must just be me.
On the more exciting news Mortgage apps have increased 3 weeks in a row.(double smiley):):slight_smile:

This “coincidence” you are talking about… was there a recent post where someone recently suggested to revamp the CMI website? If so… it was a good suggestion. The MICB website really needs a facelift and is finally getting one.

I’m actually with you on that one.

I like how you changed my NACHI wording.LOL (darn judges)
Hope when NAHI finally dies you can change it back but that’s just me.:slight_smile:

You are the best Nick.


At this point we’re more “international” than any other trade association of any industry on earth. We now have operations in 65 countries.

And if green aliens are ever discovered… we’re going to form the InterGalactic Association of Verified Home Inspectors. :wink:

Nick I too will accept Green, Red, Yellow, Blue or even Purple Aliens at OntarioAchi. LOL8-

Pretty funny stuff…it’s ok Nick, my think tank will create more ideas than you ever thought. Why? Because it will be more than a patch to wear or a logo for your website. You think people want to be more than NACHI, I don’t want that. I want to be totally different and small. Once again, BIG is not the goal, productive is.

I want to be able to take pride in the each and every member and to know that I can recommend anyone in that group and to view everyone of them as a professional.

You blew it with CMI, I told you that a while back and you failed to see it. Now they get a new website. There will be some baiting and switching as you always do, and thats the business man in you and it is respected.

You can polish a turd, but in the end it’s always a turd…

I mean all your CMI have been jumping to help. I mean there have been what, 10 post to this section in the last YEAR!

You made it too easy to get into and no way to remove people. Why? It’s all about the Benjamin’s. Mine group is too, but instead of taking it out, we are going to come with ways to put more Benjamin’s in the pocket…

You have to admit the $1000 logo use was a brilliant idea, from your standpoint. I bet you laugh in bed at night thinking how people spend a $1000 to use a logo and then you brag about the $100k in the account.

I think a new site is useless, people don’t use this thread area, what makes you think they will use something else?

Good thing is, it got you doing something. At least for $1000 you get something besides a logo.

There is a valid reason why the CMI’s will not use this thread on the MB. I have talked to many in Canada about the attitude of certain individuals within this MB. I too have got caught up in insults against new ones and it is easy to do. The consensus among CMI’s in Canada is the same we do want some place to talk with Professional’s that want to remain Professional on line. We have not seen this on the InterNachi MB and so therefore many do not comment on the MB anymore.
I do agree that the extra amount to be a CMI is out of reach for most but with a new take and website being added it may justify the extra cost involved IMO.
I hope that it will be moderated closely by those that have a vested interest to prevent what has happened on this MB.
Thanks Nick for allowing us to have this area but it is time for CMI’s to move on to a better place and drop in to visit our good friends on the InterNachi MB.

This post pretty well says everything that is wrong with the CMI designation.

CMI accomplished two, nearly impossible feats:

On the inspector side, it became the inspection industry’s highest professional designation but a designation that is both meaningful (based on a combination of education and experience) yet achievable. It’s easy to do one or the other but acquiring both (meaningful yet achievable) was nearly impossible. We did it.

On the consumer side, it has a title “Certified Master Inspector” that your Aunt Penny instantly recognizes as the best. Aunt Penny doesn’t know what ASI, PE, ICC, InterNACHI, IAC2 or your state license number means instantly (without you explaining). But everyone “gets” Certified Master Inspector within a few seconds.

CMI isn’t very productive… but it’s two for two and knocked them both out of the park.