CMI Message Board

The CMI Message Board is up but it is still under construction. All are welcome on the MB. there is a members area, inspectors area and a vender’s area so far. there is a log in verification. so it may take a little time for the first log in. I’m new at this :shock: Any constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. Also the web site is also still under construction so there may be some out dated info on it. So please don’t jump all over me for it. I have been working on this since 5 this morning. The web site address is

Nice job!

Thank You
Its still going to take me a week to finish it.

Hey Henry;

Is this your version of the CMI BB? or is it the official CMI BB? Shouldn’t the CMI BB link to or be accessed directly from the CMI Home Page?

In either case, thanks for the effort…

Congrats & thanks, Hank!

without a member ID for CMIs, how would there be a MO section?
Or will there be one?

This is the official BB FOR CMI. It will be accessed from all of the CMI pages but at this time it is under construction. Im not as Chris so it is taking me more tine.

T members have to be checked with the members list. That is the reason for the lag time in signing up.

Great job Henry;
I registered and are awaiting my e-mail. I wanted to post a thank you on the board but couldn’t seem to find a way to do it. So I am doing it here again,
Rgards Len Ungar [CMI]:smiley:

I just authorized a bunch. Hopefully ill get faster

I can’t register because (apparently) I don’t know the proper format to enter my State. I’ve tried every possible variation. . .

Can you help with that?

Sorry Give me 5 Ill try to change it.

Ok try now Jeff


Now its gone

Thanks. . .

Hey Henry;

Who is the designer and or current webmaster for the CMI website? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have them set up and manage the bb as well. It would probably make for a more seamless transition between the sites and project a very professional image of CMI throughout our industry.

I think Chris or Nick is the designer of the first site. I am the owner / designer of this one. I think Chris may be a little busy with NACHI. The CMI MB is completely separate from any association. Since i am a CMI and NACHI I was posting here so any inspector can get the updates until all the sites are updated.

Would** you be needing a draw inspection Sir?**

You can sign up and do a walk through :smiley: