CMI Message Board

The CMI MB is experiencing problems. The main server went down and they are working on the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully it will be fully functional today.

Thanks for the update Henry.

Hopefully it will be faster when they get it up and running as well.

If it isnt i will be moving it to a new server.

The CMI MB appears to be back up. If you get a chance please test it out. Also the chat rooms are always open

Hey Henry;

Looks like the message board is still having troubles. It took me three tries this morning to load the home page. First two tries were partial loads with no color, but all the text was there. Third try came up correctly, but very slow again…

Good Luck!

It seams to be working fine i have been on it since 4:30. It may have been me changing settings.

Hey Henry;

Time for that new server? Last 20 minutes or so the CMI message board was at a stand still. Posts were taking minutes, not seconds to load…

Its faster now.

Yes, it is much faster…

Very good

What you need is PERMISSION to place the MB onto the server…NICK needs to release that control and give you access…but thats my opinion…:wink:

We do a lot of things without waiting on Nick.
We are a volunteer army. Nick is not trying to
build another association out of the CMI designation.
The CMI forum was Hanks idea because he
wanted to help. We all look up to Hank now
because he did it for all of us, and didn’t ask for any
help. Why?

Because Hank is a CMI and he is leading by example.
His stature would not be the same if he waited
for Nick to do it for him. Our bond of appreciation
is what holds him in a place of honor now.

Hank’s attitude is the essence of CMI. Masters
of any trade have always been known as the
Mentors of others. Inspiration is the power of
the Mentor and appreciation the bond of the

Hmm…never said a word about Hank or the progess…Just think you guys should have more control over the domain is all…nothing more…

As long the forum stays independent of the main web
site then CMI cannot be accused of starting another
association. It is important that CMI remain
a designation only.

whats that have to do with taking control of the official CMI site…because it should be…:slight_smile:

If the Master Certification Board is seen as starting it’s own
members only forum then it starts looking like an effort
to organize an association.

If the individual CMI’s start their own forum, then that
leaves the designation politically free from all associations,
and appearances. :wink:

hmmm,John I was not commenting on the MB per se’…I think CMI should control all aspects of the CMI Website…

Why does it remove or add the alure of being an association just because it has a message board?

If people that are ACTUAL certified by the CMI board come to a site that is the official reference to the certification I hardly believe it creates an association by default.

Guess we just dont agree…buts that cool…I don’t agree with alot of things.

To me…if a message board was on the site it would mean only that…a message board for certified members otherwise whats the point in certification other than raising prices…which means very little to someone like me…I already get top dollar in my area but thats a different story…

Just dont see how giving control over the development of the OFFICIAL site to the people who are making sure it is a success changes anything but then again who am I to say anything…enough said…:wink:

Ownership Paul, it’s all about ownership…

Review the board of directors and advisors in the contact us area of the CMI website.

The designee’s will be allowed to play on Henry’s message board, but as far as taking over the website, it’s not happening.

I commit to everything I do for a minimum of one year to see how it performs. My commitment to CMI will be in one year intervals as well. If it begins to move forward, I’ll hang with it, if not, time to go…

Thanks to the hard work of Henry and John, CMI is gradually beginning to crawl. Let’s hope by years end, it’s up and walking.:wink:

I think all that Paul was saying is that someone should be in charge of the main site to keep it updated on a regular bases. Not to take it over. The content on the site is old and out dated. Chris is a busy man with the NACHI site and can not keep it updated

EXACTLY…I am not the enemy here…lol…thats exactly what I was saying and allowing Henry to install the message board on a server he does not have to PAY for does not make it an association just because it has a MB…CMI’s are united regardless so having a CMI Only Board does not say Association…it says…Members Only Area for Certified CMI Members and nothing more.