New CMI Message Board

Thanks go to Henry Valenzano for the new CMI Message Board at

This is what CMI members have been asking for, and Henry
has been working hard to provide us a private CMI forum.

Has someone collected all the CMI email addresses?
We need someone to help us with a CMI newsletter
to alert members of any news, events or meetings on
the forum. Do we have a volunteer?

Please sign-in and let Henry know what you think about the forum!
This will be a beta testing period, so any comments and suggestions
will be a benefit. Please direct all questions about the message
board function to Henry, as he is the webmaster.

We will have a meeting of CMI members in the near future
so we can discuss whatever is on your mind.

I am excited about the future. One step at a time.

I am especially humbled by the extraordinary expression
of support I have received from so many people. It has been
a long time waiting, but it looks like CMI is starting to walk
and breath.


Uh Oh, Good bye Lewis;-)

To all the CMIs trying to sign in to the message board. The old passwords to the old Michaels MB do not work You will need to sign in to get access. If you have any questions please contact me. Nick has not had time to learn the admin of this site yet so he cant help you at this time. CMIs now have a chat room on this site also. We are growing.

CMI Chat rooms Now open

Ok, I’ve finished email all the members another message regarding the bb link.

I’ve received several messages from members who are having problems logging into the bb…

I’ve referred them to Henry and or John M.

See you all tomorrow at the meeting…

Apparently they sent out the incorrect address this is the one for the site If you get any more just gust give them this address and tell them to log in. many are trying to use the login from Michaels old site and that will not work.