CMI Outline Proposal - Just Do It!


Nick is right with his comments as far as trying to get participation with other associations. But winning a battle and winning a war are two different things.

I have been trying to get a higher tier inspection level going locally for years. No inspector wants it or wants to get involved in the start up of it. As a result I took the CMI logo and went to town creating Master Inspector Network. We now are about to brand CMI and NACHI to every realtor in North East Florida, and yes everyone of our inspectors are NACHI and CMI. And yes there were some typos on the booklet, but I believe they are taken care of now by Catherine.

Also, contrary to a few beliefs there was never any under lying currents to the changes being proposed at national level for this to be a much better and recognized designation! I know those people that know me personally, are very aware if this too. My goal is to make this the most respected credential in the industry and again one that every NACHI member and others will be proud of.

So… I have attached the Christmas present you all have been waiting for. I have not read it in detail in a while, it is 8 or 9 pages!. It consists of a brain dump as I call it, but is a starting line to get the ball rolling on the CMI.

Here is a summary of the attached document and my discussions with Nick:

  1. Existing members are grandfathered. Never in question.
  2. New membership qualification requirements will change – a two tier/level approach, one that combines experience only and one that includes a combination of experience and education. An experience component critical for CMI.
  3. A separate web site and message board – and
  4. A closer review of approved education – with maximum limits on introductory level courses.
  5. An annual membership fee change – Existing life time members excluded.
  6. A new association to manage the designation and membership. (ASMBI)
  7. Set up of a consumer relief fund and inspector relief fund.
  8. Establish a mentoring program
  9. Establish a peer review program
  10. Establish a collaborative marketing program in every city
  11. Establish a realtor participation program
  12. A CMI E-Bate(rebate) program

As far as members looking to sign up and become a life time member, I have agreed with Nick to keep this open until January 15th 2007. All new applications must be received through the new registration form on All moneys generated will go to the expenses of setting up quarterly meeting of CMI leaders, and other requirements, the first of which is slotted for the end of January.

Merry Christmas to all and I am looking forward to a great 2007.



You never cease to amaze me. Your arrogance is a wonder to behold. Your .pdf file is the samer load of crap you posted two days ago. Most of your description of a CMI is non-quantifyable, and worse than that, has absolutely nothing to do with an inspector’s competence.

This is yet another example of leadership which is questionable at best. Once again, you speak of changes which are inevitable, yet you offer no justification for these changes beyond rhetoric.

Absolutely absurd. You claim the doc is for discussion, yet history shows us that you are really not interested in discussiion with anyone other than your band of merry men. Unless and until you asknowledge the Board which currently exists and genuinely reach out to them (us) with a true plan, I can see no way for things to progress.

As each day progresses, the saga continues, with fewer quastions answered, and another plan du jour. This is but an example of, what is it, plan #4, replete with spin doctoring of the last CF you hatched.