CMI Tampa Here We Come


We just got the Master Inspector Network Booklet in today! I am attaching some pictures for you to see.

20,000 will be hitting the NE Florida market in the coming weeks. We have I believe almost 20 inspectors in the manual and the pilot study begins.

The next market I would like to tackle is TAMPA. Yes Tampa/Clearwater area. I would like to drop ship 20,000 to Joe Burkeson as soon as he accepts chapter leaders ship down there. I spoke to Joe a couple of weeks ago about setting up a chapter and becoming president. Not sure with all the hoopla on the board if Joe is up for the struggle, but sure would like to see him give it a go.

PS - I dont know if I uploaded the pictures correctly! If not I will have Catherine do it in the morning!

CMI is all about Florida.

And vendors

…and ASHI.

…and FABI.

Ten days after Mike Rowan accepted Nick’s offer to run the CMI program as president of the MCIB, Inspection Depot, on 11/30/06, published the following in the 20,000 copies of the booklet he is mailing out to the Tampa Market:

Publishing this on 11/30 and then soliciting suggestions for how the program should be run a week later in a variety of threads certainly appears to be an attempt of manipulation…

What else has been implemented and is being put before the public while he hides in the dark?

And look at what he has to say about NACHI in the same brochure…

Hey, Rowan. Did you let Hoopy write this?

Or how about this, from Meddlin’ Mike?

Now, Mike…please…rejoin the discussions you initiated and tell us more about your “peer review” program led by Hoopy.

This is the brochure he is sending out to the Tampa market. Way to go, Mike.

Certified Master Inspectors in Florida

My bet is that Joe would prefer not to link himself and his own business to the Rowan scam. What do you say, Joe?


We will be happy to work where commitment is present. Right now we are in the pilot stage. I am very optimistic, however, James B, may just jinks us with the “every day it rains attitude”, who knows!


James, Joe B has now become CMI, I figure he will take the challenge on.

I cannot see Joe passing out 20,000 brochures that bash NACHI…then market his ICC class to the same guys. Joe is smarter than that.

Look again James, I think he will see it differently.

After a nice review of ASHI, FABI and NAHI, let’s see how Rowan’s book describes NACHI…

Does he expose the fact that ASHI candidates take no test at all before they are required to hit the streets and do 250 inspections before they can become members?

Nice, huh?

Do you think Joe is going to blanket the Tampa area with this kind of crap?

I wonder how much he charges CMI’s to be listed in his brochure that bashes NACHI members. What is the charge for these ads, Mike?


You never stop making me laugh.

List the entire paragraph and follow it by the certified master inspector paragraph. Did I get it wrong? We will be reprinting for Joe’s market and will change if it is not a correct statement.

Dont just take words and pieces.


I’m glad you’re having as much fun with this as I am, Mike.

Hey, how much do you charge per ad for the inspectors included in your brochure? You do charge for these ads, don’t you?

Yes, you did.

You stated that the CMI must first pass “the FABI test” or the NHIE. This is incorrect.

Or have you snuck one in there, already, you slick little fella…:wink:

Which part is a “bash”? All I see are facts.

Hhhmmmm…I notice that Hoopy is not on this list. I guess he is still trying to pass that dumb ol’ FABI spelling test.:wink:

Are we to believe that people who consider themselves “masters” are afraid to take the NHIE?

If not, who cares if it is required?


please don’t let the facts ruin such a good story :wink:



Michael has started publishing false statements about CMI.
He is now going to distribute 20,000 copies aimed at promoting
the CMI designation with false information it.

The following quote is false. Plain and simple. Yet it does not
bother Michael to make 20,000 copies of a lie. The man has
no shame.

Certified Master Inspector…Inspectors must also have passed a psychometrically approved examination such as the FABI test or the national home inspector’s examination.

The current CMI’s in Florida were not approved by these conditions.

It is just like the rest of his lies.

Michael can tell me to be nice, but then he expects me to remain
silent and trust him while he has just announced another lie.

The Florida test is part of the needed “track record” he needs
in order to show how powerful his new marketing of CMI can be.

Publish a lie, Endorse other associations other than NACHI,
“Entice” as Michael likes to say… Entice the likes of Hoopy
into leadership… and then leave us thinking that he
will not break Nicks promises to the current CMI’s… and
then come on this forum and tell us he is the kind of guy
we should trust?

Repent dude.

I noticed that he said that he keeps laughing… but I
perceived a little strain is starting to show up in that
fake smile.


This is an inaccurate statement for several reasons and needs to be readdressed. Most glaring was your use of “certrified inspector”. NACHI does not certify inspectors.

Just off the top of my head:

*The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, was formed in 1990 and is the largest trade association in the world. Entrance requirements to be a certified member with NACHI include a psycohmetric validated online examination, completion of several mandatory core subject courses and report review confirmation that the inspector has completed 100 inspections in substantial compliance with NACHI’s Standards of Practice. NACHI also has an entry level working member program whereby inspectors must have completed 4 mock inspections for review purposes by NACHI peers before the new inspector can undertake/complete his first fee paid inspection… *