CMI - The Outline Plan


At present there is no set in stone plan for CMI, however to give some peace of mind to all members involved with or thinking of becoming a CMI, here are some of my thoughts as far as the CMI.

Firstly, for this credential to have credibility and be accepted across the board, it needs to almost stand alone and have a true meaning, brand of quality, after all this is why we were able to negotiate a zero deductible. This was one of Nick and I’s first discussions, and he agreed to allow CMI to move out of NACHI completely and be a true stand alone membership and association. We are working on separate technology for this as we speak.

My thoughts as far as getting acceptance with the CMI, is that we set up a peer review committee, with two quality inspectors from each association in the industry, two from qualified training schools, which I would like Bill Merrill to consider as he has been involved in all of the past meetings, and 4 multi inspector company owners. All would help in reviewing the applications, set plans etc.

I have spoke to Jeff Hooper, past FABI president, Jim Nolan, State President for NACHI and some more about considering these positions. I know with the right people, plans and commitment this designation will stand and help raise the value of veteran inspectors in the eyes of there clients and real estate professionals.

Of course the people involved will have to commit to so many meeting and conference calls etc. and of course the cost of this set up will have to be covered by the association dues.

Yes Nick is right that the one time life membership will cease very soon, or as soon as we can get everything in place. It will be impossible for this to work if there is no revenue or dues to run the association.

I would like to hear from any interested parties that meet the CMI designation requirements. NACHI has so many good candidates on the board here, I don’t think we have to look very far, and no I will not be using the green box, grey box or red box. You can email me personally at or just mention it on the board.

And remember zero deductible for E & O is without question a great achievement and an acknowledgement of the quality of inspectors that will be involved in the membership. It should be a qualification you are proud of. It should be a qualification that you will set out to achieve and one that will motivate the best of the best to pull the rest along with it.

Thanks and look forward to your feedback.



I would have a problem with this statement…as many joined because of the fact they had the experience but the fact it was a one-time fee and thats it.

So, would existing CMI’s before a certain date be excluded from this statement or a grandfathering drop dead date be set.

Excellent idea, what can we do to expedite implementation.

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I would think it is like a golf course that my brother joined many years ago . Cost for share $ 1,500:00 dues yearly dues set at $1,000:00 for life .
Now 40 years later the originals still pay $1,000:00.
New members share $25,000:00 dues are $15,000:00 and can go up as needed.
From what I read those who are CMIs are free for life . New CMIs joining now are free for life but it sounds like this could change just like the cost to get a CMI has gone up and the newer ones pay more . This to can change ,but past are in for life .
I am sure if I have read this wrong I will be corrected .


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Right now Nick has stated that he would not want to see existing members whom he gave his word to as far as life time members pay yearly fees.


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Same way I read it too. The opportunity was there from the beginning for many more to join but many chose not to, all the while the ship was sailing. Again someone needs to remind our readers that NACHI had first dibs on CMI a couple of years ago and was met with all the same resistance. Now that the program is naturally evolving many of the same people are calling foul while others can now see the original intent. As with any new program or endeavor one has to look at it with critical thinking and try to see the long range potentials instead of looking for all the minute flaws that can and will be worked out. If John Glenn had thought this way he would have never climbed into Friendship 7 and let them strap a rocket to his butt to go into space. There was very little risk involved in CMI and a world of potential from the earliest concept. There is still time. There may be some whose credentials may not be as padded but I doubt very few of the early CMIs do not have way and above the standard at the time. I will go so far as to say that many could still far exceed the new standards.


Sounds awfully familiar.

If you were an honest man, you would admit that this conversation has been ongoing since last year when you were positioning yourself for your own position.:wink:

I can find the thread from the archives…

There is a strange smell beginning to form around this CMI thing. Use NACHI to get this thing off the ground then, once up and running, continue with the original agenda to discredit this association.

I truly feel sorry for the folks who cannot make a fortune in the inspection business without another logo.

In my opinion they should use the money and head to a marketing school.

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These guys that Mike Rowan is mentioning to run this new club (and select its members) are people who kneel every night before their certificates and other credentials and pray to their gods. They feel that those without them should not be allowed to *live *in a residential dwelling…and certainly never be able to inspect one.

Hooper has vowed to devote all of his efforts and resources into “ending NACHI” and, certainly, sees this as an opportunity toward that end.

Now, they want money from those they wish to bury to further their agenda.

You gotta hand it to these guys. They got some balls.


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Here is an email I received from Jeff Hooper in March 2005:

Yes, sir…get them checkbooks out. Hoopy and Rowan want to make you a Star!!!

You know this is a legit email from Hoopy when every other word is spelled incorrectly.