Canadian government recognizes CMI. Thank you Roy Cooke!

Roy, you are the greatest!!!

Ditto Mario!

Thats awesome, Now I need to inspect 1000 homes :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job Roy and thank you.

“Throughout the world, Certified Master Inspector FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif is[/FONT] the inspection industry’s top professional designation”

If you’ve been in this industry for a few years, you know that statement in itself says a lot… that the public doesn’t know. We all know it was set up as a marketing strategy (read “gimmick”). If any one that has only 3 years inspecting homes can call themselves “masters”, it shows how screwed up the HI industry really is!!

Again with Nick’s spin on it, the thread name is written to mislead as most of his posts about requirements do: The Canadian gov’t has not recognized CMI in any way as a valid credential related to housing or the home inspection industry. CMI is recognized as a trademark or designation through the patent office or similar. I could trademark or patent something like Master House Inspector or similar if not already taken and not considered too similar to CMI as to confuse the public. Simple…once trademarked, now I can call myself an MHI and I can award this designation to other HI’s, …hey, even my friends…I own it!!

It’s plain and simple- CMI won’t be recognized by CMHC, our largest housing agency,and many other gov’t agencies- you guys can use it; others can’t …and most don’t want to use something that has little validity to those that understand this field. Just looked at the websites of some of the better more frequent posters here…most do not have the CMI designation although they’re walk-in’s, hands down, if they desired to be called a CMI!!


The government only recognizes that which it gave - a Trademark, nothing more and nothing less!

It does not mean the government recognizes the requirements or Nachi.

Lets not forget that there are master inspectors with only 150 hours of education or 150 inspections. That fact will always be a negative aspect of the program.

Thanks Roy! C.M.I. works for me.

Thanks Roy and Nick!

Now, I should add up my points and apply…

Master Marcel sounds good to me!

You can call yourself that without anyone’s permission!


IMO, anything less than 10 years full time in the HI business and 2,500 or so inspections plus CE is a negative aspect of the program.

CMHC will recognize the BC Government license requirements this Fall therefore I think CMI is a great TM to have.

There’s very little chance BC will have licensing anytime within the next three years. If they do, the CMI is NOT on the list of credentials they are looking at, because it is not a verified credential. (Yet anyway) The standards for legislation in BC will likely fall somewhere between the NCP and the BCIPI requirements, but they will have to be verifiable and defensible.

CMHC will recognize what they want, but I would imagine they will recognize a credential they helped to create, and one which they know has been checked and double-checked for viability, fairness and rigor.

Those who meet the latest CMI requirements would likely meet the requirements of the NCP, but those who got their CMI by sending in a cheque for $ 75.00 with no verification od their background would have to be checked very closely and would have to prove a few things.

Bill Mullen

"cheque for $ 75.00" !!?!

What cheap buggers got theirs for $75.00 ?! Mine cost way more than that and I had to send them the registration for my car and all my Publisher’s clearing house entries too ! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Never mind the $75, some got theirs for free! Free; I tell ya! Free! :shock: :roll: :roll:

It was $175 for the first week and then everyone complained that it was too cheap. No one got theirs for free. I personally paid for some InterNACHI members and I personally put up and sent my own $375 check in several . If I recall, Canadian Bob Francis won one of my $375 checks which he could then use to pay for CMI. I mailed him my personal check.

Make’em feel like it’s worth more…just charge more! No matter what the cost, it’s still just the same… a marketing gimmick. (as called by an INACHI member!!!)
PS: BTW, is he still allowed to speak?

Anyway, I can think of no higher or better title for a professional designation:

“Certified Master Inspector”

and now it is protected by a Canadian Trademark.

Brian, show us all a professional designation that isn’t used by it’s holders for marketing purposes. Why do you think we went through all the trouble to Trademark it? Duh. :roll:

I’ll make it easy on you… you can draw from any profession, you are not limited to the inspection industry.

I’ll bet you can’t post one in the next 48 hours… go!