CMU Foundation,Input please

I would like some input on this please!
1975 built CMU foundation, vertical hairline crack through block and joints, within approx. 20-24 inches of beam pocket and runs from top of CMU wall all the way down to visible bottom CMU. 2 Interior views 1 exterior view just to the right side of the A/C unit.

There is some obvious water intrusion into that basement. Where is the water coming from. I see no efflorescence on the crack but it appears to be six inches up the wall. With this much moisture in the basement it is very possible that the footing has been undermined and has created a crack in the wall. What is above this area? Is there a beam or something heavy that would put more weight on it the another area?
In this case I would be recommended further evaluation by a licensed contractor and carry on.

Grading issues?
Has the outer crack been sealed, it appears?

Interior crawl has perimeter drain tile and a sump pit and pump that has been installed since original build. exterior crack has been caulked at some point but no longer sealed. No moisture intrusion at this crack was evident. Like I stated before this crack is located just to the left side of the built up beam approx. 20-25 inches. single floor ranch bed rooms located just above.

First photo shows the beam pocket at the right side top of photo…

I wouldn’t be super concerned about it, kind of a judgement call toss up imho.
Defer or I’d just note it’s there and recommend patching and monitoring.

I’m assuming there was no side to side offset?

That is a structural crack in the foundation with water intrusion. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified engineer and foundation repair contractor.

All such cracks are “structural” in that the structure settled and cracked.
Most foundations I see of any age have settlement cracks.
The question is whether or not to defer, as you are recommending or note in the report and move on.

As was noted earlier the crack in question is not showing signs of water intrusion.