Crack in wall at exterior

First time I’ve come across a crack like this. Was wondering how you all would report on this. Would this be considered a call for a structural engineer? The crack goes through to interior. Any input you be appreciated it.

Jordan, it depends… the crack was formed because something moved. You’ve got to give us a lot more info. It may just need some exterior waterproofing. It does not look too bad from the single pic you’ve posted. Any other cracks? Water stains? Drywall cracks? Doors/windows that bind?

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Typical/normal/average vertical foundation crack.
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Others will chime in.

I would report:
Observation: CMU, Concrete Masonry Unit foundation.
Vertical foundation crack. No adverse foundation issues observed the day of the inspection. …’ if there weren’t any.’
Jordan. There is soil staining the CMU. That area has been/is being excavated.
*Be sure to write that up in your report and ask the venor why that area was excavated.
*There is also bar steel in the image. Ask, are repairs or reinforcement of a structural component underway?
Recommend: 1: A licensed Concrete Masonry Unit foundation installation and repair contractor evaluate and repair the vertical foundation crack immediately.
2: Request disclosure from the vendor as to the reason for the excavation and bar steel and if the lot will be made whole again, prior purchase. 3: Request invoices for any repairs.
Limitation/s: A: Note the percentage of the foundation not visible. 10%, 20%, 30" etc… B: Foundation Inspection Limited/Prevented/Impeded by; wall ceiling, floor coverings, insulation, furniture, storage,etc… C: Environmental issues are outside the scope of a home inspection. List - asbestos, mold, etc…
Hope that helps.

A picture from further away would help put things in perspective and make it easy for everyone to figure out what is going on.

A crack of 1/8 " or more was observed in the foundation wall. The cracking implies that foundation movement has occurred. Recommend further review and inspection by a qualified foundation / masonry contractor and / or a qualified geo-technical or structural engineer. The exact / precise measurement of such conditions is not within the scope of our inspection. Past or future movement may be related to soils and geological issues, which are beyond the scope of our expertise.


Looks like a crack due to thermal expansion

Other pictures from a wider angle?

Anything observed from the inside? The patio to the right looks like some stair step cracking at the same horizontal level. Defiantly signs of settlement. Any displacement between the cracks? That crack looks about 1/4”. I’d recommend a structural engineer

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