Coastal, high wind, salt air inspections

So, I recently watched Ben do an inspection on the barrier island I live on called the Outer Banks, North Carolina. I noticed the special attention to the decking and the supports. I am curious if anyone knows of any good literature for inspection coastal homes. Homes in high wind areas, and potential for storm surge etc. I am guessing their are specifics for this type. I have tried google and I find basic information. I am not close to being done with my training, but just wanted to make a post to add to my learning folder.

Ask Ben at

Also, you may want to take advantage of your Education Team at for these specific type of questions.

Nikki try to get familiar with costal pile foundations and their hardware. It would also benefit to read up on breakaway wall design and construction. I have an inspection next week in Murrells Inlet SC and the region is loaded with pier homes. I only report on condition of piers and hardware.

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Thank you so much!

Awesome. I am very new to the program, thank you for helping me find the resources!

Welcome to the forum Nikki, Enjoy.

Potential for storm surge is beyond the scope of a home inspection…contact a civil engineer if that is a concern to the customer. The wood frame construction manual contains information on high wind areas…there’s one for 110,120,130…with slight differences…these would be prescriptive solutions…if there are engineered drawings then the construction would abide by those specifications. WFCM_130-B-Guide.pdf (3.7 MB)