New Home Wind Mitigations

I have been doing wind mitigations since 2008. Over the past 3 years I have done some on brand new homes that haven’t even been passed the final inspections yet, based on the request of the insurance company. (they were withing a few days of the county passing the final)

I am doing another one tomorrow in Naples that was just completed.

Has anyone else been doing these also? Pretty easy to do. Just wondering what you all are seeing across the state.:roll:

A few.

I would prefer it.

Builders do not want folks on their sites before closing.

The other day the builder denied me going into the attic citing insurance reasons. I could only inspect from the ladder. They did not care what insurance i had. Full inspection.

I am always glad to do them (just a duplication of the county building inspector)?? just wondering what you all were seeing also.

We did a Full home inspection with a wind mit on a New home today. They will be closing in a few days and wanted me to do the inspection before the walk through. The wind mit will save them money because of the hip roof and full shutter credit.

thanks for the info!