Coastal Risk Consulting and InterNACHI announce strategic marketing partnership.

Very nice.

So members pay $50 for each report and do what with it?


My question as well.

I don’t really see what this has to do with a home inspection.

The lender will tell you if you’re in a potential flood zone and if floor insurance is required. Hazard disclosures are already required for transfers of real property (at least in California).

Any information provided by a Home Inspector from this report would be redundant.


Stop pretending you don’t see the questions asked. Let’s make it simple just for you.

Question 1 From James Braun.

So members pay $50 for each report and do what with it?

Oh, I wouldn’t know.

Wouldn’t know what ?


I wouldn’t know the answer to any question for a vendor.

What is a strategic marketing partnership, then?

The question is for you !! Not a vendor.

Question #1
So when you refer to **Coastal Risk Consulting ** What is a strategic marketing partnership specifically referring to ?


A strategic marketing partnership is when two organizations help promote each other.

Actually Nick to be correct that would be **Two or More entities, **not just two.