Cross-Association [Member] Advertising

I may be shooting a BB into hornet’s nest, or this may be a moot survey. I need the info for a project I’m working on. Thanks in advance.


A few more details on how this would work would be useful in forming a proper opinion.

That’s just it. I need to know how people feel regardless of the details. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing that would cause anyone to violate any COE or association by-laws. Nonetheless, there is an option that allows people to choose “Not sure at this time”.

If it benefits me and doesn’t harm my association memberships and or the industry at large, I have no problem with it.

It wouldn’t. In fact, it has nothing to do with anything more than gaining exposure IN A WAY THAT MEETS COE CONSIDERATIONS.

I’ll fill in more details about this as more people complete the survey. Thanks for your input, Mr. Handley.

I will say this…

What I’m working on has EVERYTHING to do with battling agencies that want to charge inspectors rediculous fees to advertise on their so-called “preferred vendors list”.

Well to ASHI’s credit, they were the first to consider prohibiting preferred vendor schemes and I’m proud that NACHI and ASHI announced they would not permit participation in the bribing of REALTORs on the same day.

Any inspector willing to pay dues to a zero benefit association who does nothing other than provide cover for the incompetent inspector who otherwise would get no recommendations if they didn’t purchase unearned praise… is either an unethical inspector… or an ethical but stupid one.

What, we have to make appointments now? :mrgreen:

That makes NO sence at all.

Do you like sushi?

Yes or No.

I don’t need to know what kind of fish or crustacean turns you on or off; whether or not you like seaweed wraps or Japanese cucumber strips; whether or not you like wasabi, soy sauce or fish sauce; whether or not you’d rather eat sushi inside or outside wearning a blue or green shirt with shorts or jeans.

I just want to know…

Do you like sushi? If you say YES, then we’ll go to a sushi restaurant for dinner and then you can pick and choose the details later. Thus…

Would you ever advertise with another home inspector from another association regardless of the association? Some things are obvious, like, you wouldn’t want that inspector stabbing you in the back if advertising with you. It doesn’t matter if the advertising platform is the Internet or paper, or even telepathic; would you mind associating your name in the same ad space with another inspector who is from a different association?

Then YES I feel that you make NO sense. The details may come later. Something like that. :shock::shock:


Why would I want to advertise with another inspector? Isn’t he my competition? Since you refuse to expand on it, I so NO!

With the present war that’s going on, I don’t think it would be a wise thing to do.

What does Iraq have to do with this? :shock:

This is a really simple survey. If you don’t want to answer it, or if you want me to send you more information off this board (so it doesn’t ruin the results of what I am trying to accomplish), then just ask. No need to get combative. I’m not quite sure what doesn’t make sense to you, but I respect your opinion.

You already advertise with other inspectors. InspectorSeek? Yellow pages ad maybe? Though you don’t pay for InspectorSeek, I’m sure you haven’t requested that your name be removed from the listing just because there are other inspectors in it (same association or not, they are “competitors”).

As far as “refusing” to expand on the survey question: This particular survey question is designed to find out a specific answer to a general question; much like asking, “Do you drink?” You can add all sorts of assumptions to that such as whether or not I’m asking if you drink alcohol. Maybe I don’t need to know that. Maybe I just need to know whether you injest liquid beverages.

If your answer to this survey is premised solely on knowing the “specifics” before you answer with a solid YES or NO, then your answer is likely YES, you would advertise with other inspectors from other associations CONTINGENT on certain factors, aka, the “specifics”. Of course, I’m just guessing.

Take it easy Neil;

We’re in bed with our competion and other HI orgs. everyday. When I attend an industry expo event, board of real estate golf tournaments, board of realtor meetings, continuing education events, even dropping off brochures we’re in constant contact and or interaction with the other side in some form or fashion. Several of our NACHI brothers also hold memberships in ASHI, NAHI, CREIA etc, we still talk, exchange ideas and do business because we have a common goal… “Home Inspections”…

Robert…you know by now that several folks will go way out of their way to make things so much harder than they need to be.

If what you meant by advertise, would we add our contact info to a directory that you are considering, why did you not say so? "Do you drink? and “do you like sushi?” are not the same kind of question that you asked. People had legitimate questions asking you to clarify and you would not. I call that refusing to answer.

Sorry. I did not intend to sound combative. I’m really trying not to argue. He asked a question that did not make sense, we wanted more information.

I agree with what you said. The original question was would I advertise with them. Not whether I play well with others.

No ethics, no peace.