Code Check books

Hi all, just recently got the Code Check books, these books are awesome not only as a study guide, but great to have nearby during the inspection for quick reference of a question that might arise. I highly reccomend these to all inspectors, especially the ones like me that may be a little weak in some areas such as HVAC and Electrical, Have gained alot of good info from them.:slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Great advice, I keep 2 complete sets around, one on my desk and a second set in the trunk of the car. I still refer to them on a daily basis especially when asked for a specific code on this BB.



I always take them with me on an inspection…leave 'em in the car. though.

If it becomes necessary to prove myself, I can just say “let’s step outside, fella”–and then get the code book and show the antagonist what’s what.

I never take them inside–makes me look to much like I’m inspecting code.

Yep, I have my my tool bag of equipment, my briefcase,. and then a second bag with just reference books and material that i leave in the car in case I need to check something. I found that the code check books and this board combined are an awesome learning tool, Ive been going back and looking at problems people have come across in the archives and checking the code check before I read the responses to educate myself…not to say that the responses don’t educate me too

That’s the way to learn…