code check books or something else

Hello to all,
I am a very new inspector and I am afraid of missing something or getting it wrong. I have looked into the code check books but have heard there are better things out there. I would like to know what all of you folks are using and how you like it and why if possible.

                            Thanks, Ed      :neutral:

Ed, for the newer inspector I don’t think there is any better field resourse than the code check series, I still have 2 sets at all times, 1 in the car and another on my desk.

Oh BTW, for current users 2 new updates have come out in the last year:

  • Building (Back page now features revisions)
  • Plumbing




The code check booksare good for quick reference, the ICC books or DVD’sare the complete reference for building, mechanical, (some electrical), plumbing, HVAC, etc, if your state or city does in fact use these building codes.

Generally all cities have some changes made to different ICC codesto fit their needs, so you cannot depend of them 100% as written.

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A great home inspector has a library of reference books, not only about “code” but also about the history of construction etc. You have to have a love of the construction trade and its evolution. Your not going to be inspection new homes all the time.

Back to your question. I have all the code check books. I also recommend the illustrated home. Very very good reference material and while your learning, like the book says, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Good luck to you.

check here for when code was tough!