Code in Mobile homes

I know this isn’t to code. There are no stupid questions when it comes to electrical, so here it goes. This is in a 1981 mobile after the inside has been remodeled. Is it possible that this panel was moved from the bedroom wall into the hot water closet? I’ve recommended that it be inspected by a licensed electrician, is that all I can do on the report, other than state that the valve isn’t vented to the outside? Thanks


Either the panel or the water heater must be re-located. Code requires a 36" X 30" clearance around all electrical panels.

The valve vented to the outside?

What valve?

If you’re referring to the PTR valve on the water heater, it doesn’t need to go outside. It simply needs an extension pipe installed to within 6" of the floor.

24 CFR 3280 governs the construction of mobile homes, but they are also required to meet the codes of the jurisdictions for which they are being built. If there are codes in your area, have your client do a permit search.

IMO, no reference to codes should be in your report. Simply state that the configuration is unsafe, the electrical panel is not safely accessible, and recommend that a qualified contractor repair it.

From the view in the picture…Is that TPR valve “inside” the panel? Sure looks like that from the picture…maybe the angle is wrong from my perspective…

Agree with David and James above.

Is the TPR actually ‘in’ the panel, preventing the cover from being installed?

Definately submit the photo to:

Looks like you posted, while I was busy typing. :wink:

Nice location to test the PTR capabilities…

No additional inspection is required. This is an issue that needs to be corrected. The cost may be more, but my recommendation would likely be to move the panel from within the closet.

The TPR in colorado must be vented outside at least 6 inches above ground. If the panel door was installed, the panel or the TPR valve could not be opened. There would be less then an inch between the two.

I agree that one of them needs to be moved. I won’t state that it is a code issue, but I said “Water heater TPR valve vented to inside of electrical panel. Electrical panel has no cover. Recommend it to be addressed by licensed electrician. This is a serious safety issue.” Will this cover it?

I’ve never seen a situation like this one.


You should also mention improper clearances to electrical panel. Not to mention the issues inside this panel.

That is unbelievable.

Leah, that is an amazing picture. Youshould submit that in the Best Defects Thread here on the board.

I agree!