Code question

Was asked by a client if a spray (black)on the outside of the foundation was up to code (this year), nothing else on the wall, no corrugated or fiber? Next does the cold cellar door have to be solid and sealed and the cold cellar sealed from the rest of the home,re space over the door as not header?? I am doing the 11 month inspection on Wed. thanx for all input.

Chuck I checked the building code book I have here and it looks like spray on coating is all that is required and the cold celler door is to have some kind ot thermal break,and I would think if the door requires a thermal break then the header space should insulated as well.The powers to be have changed some parts of the code in the last year or so .I would contact the local building department and see what they say.Some areas have made changes to the code to suit a speacial need in their area.

Section 9.13 – walls must be dampproofed; dampproofing not required where the exterior surfaces of foundation walls below ground level are waterproofed;
Section and material standards are noted – (assuming this is an approved material)

Also suggest reviewing section 9.13.5 waterproofing of walls – regarding preparation and application of waterproofing membranes

Section 9.38 deals with the issue of thermal resistance rating of foundation walls enclosing a heated space versus an unheated space where the minimum thermal resistance rating value must conform. Also suggest weatherstripping on that door and make sure it is sealed on all edges to reduce warping.

In addition, I suggest that those doing this type of inspection download and print a copy of the Tarion – Construction Performance Guidelines from their website. Becoming familiar with the Tarion Guidelines and the Ontario Building Code will be beneficial for those taking on such inspections.](

Thanx Claude, good info for all!!