Code regulations/verification for orange County Florida

Hi I just had my 19 year old roof re-roofed. I was getting my wind mitigation inspection when the inspector told me that he couldn’t verify the

" Roof deck re-nailed with 8d ringshank nails spaced 6" in the field"

“Correction, 6” everywhere. In the field and on the edges"

That’s what he said in a text when I asked for a description of my problem.

The roofer has no pictures to reference. The county permit inspector passed the roof. But we are trying to get ahold of him to see how he verified it. He didn’t sign the yellow paperwork, but says he was there.

Is it the law that the county inspector have pictorial proof of verification?

What is the code or ordinance that pertains to this spacing?

What is the code or ordinance that pertains to inspector verifications?

Thanks Steve

Ironically, the AHJ that “signed off” has flexibility to make exceptions to the ‘rule’. You need to contact your local building department (that he/she works for in your city/county) to find out what parameters they inspect to.

ps>>> City, county, etc. inspectors & the AHJ has no liability for errors per state statute.
They usually do not enter the attic for nailing verification.

Nailing affidavit was this completed for the inspector?
Samples attached.

Hi Steve,

For a wind mitigation we look for shiners to verify what type of nail was used. On a reroof there is usually a lot of shiners (missed nail). We measure that to see what type of nail was used. We use a zircon m-6 (hand held metal detector) to determine the space between nails.

In your case it would be very rare that there were no shiners.

Please let me know if you need help as I work in Orange County.