?6D nail or 8D Nail?

hello everyone. I have been doing inspections for about 9 months now. This is my first issue i am having with underwriters and i want to make sure i am correct. They removed the 8D nail discount. These are the pictures i am resubmitting to them stating this is an 8D nail. Also they removed the hip roof discount because of the flat metal room over an open porch area. My customer is not happy that she changed her insurance and they removed all the discounts and i believe they are incorrect. Any insight into this would be greatly appeciated.

How old is the roof in what county?
Looks like you have the ruler not flush to the deck.
If it was it would not measure 8D.

The nail you picture is a 6D. It’s not your job or problem why are you involved?

The roof is orginal. 1999. Marion county. The ruler is 100% pushed up against the roof decking. You can see the corner of it next to where the nail penetration is. Its at an angle on the roof deck because the nail is driven at an angle and you want the length of the nail which is showing a 2 inch nail.

Why do you say a 6d? If you had the 7/16 roof deck to this nail. You gave approx 2.5 inch nail

A 7/16 or 1/2 inch roof deck the nail should show 2 inches, sometime a little more. Your measurement shows a little less than 2 inches.
I also believe your ruler should be flush on that deck, as I stated.

There was no FL Bldg Code in Marion County. Not in the HVHZ.
The effective date was 03-01-2002, so 8D was not required in 1999.
I’ll respectfully stick to my 6D assessment. :cowboy_hat_face:

Bob he’s referring to the State promulgated Wind Mitigation Insurance Report that is required down here.
They wanna know nail size-nail spacing-roof to wall connection type-hip or other style geometry.

6P nail Rafters-Plywood Deck


nail spacing

single wrap roof to wall connection-front

single wrap roof to wall connection-back