Codensate pump location

I thought the condensate pump being located in the bath access panel was a poor location.

There was a moisture stain at the bottom of crawl under the tub. The tub drain pipe looked like it was updated. I thought the moisture was either from the condensate pump or from ground water.

There is no way to cover the access.

I typically see insatlled at the cabinet.

What do you think?

86606 Berea 033 (Small).jpg


Help me out, what is the Condensate Pump being used for. I can’t tell from the picture or your discription.


The pump is for the condenstae for the air conditioner. When the condensate is in the ceiling the pump is needed to push the water.

I typicaly see mounted at the furnace/Air.


Whew! What kinda knothead located the pump, and what was his thinking?

I still don’t get it, where is the furnace/evap.coil. Is it out of the picture and adjacent to the end of the Tub/Shower unit or above the ceiling (floor above)?

I’m with Greg. That is the most confusing location for a condensate pump…

WHY??? I wonder…

I spent over thirty years in the HVAC field and I don’t ever recall something like that.

I gave up years ago trying to understand what makes people think or not.
The secretary for my wifes office call me as they were having central A/C installed in their home and she stated that the contractor (a couple of kids) Probally low bidders had installed the condensate pump on the hall floor to the bedrooms and she did not like it there what was she to do.

My response to her was don’t pay the bill until a suitable place for this pump was located.