Heat pump drain over bathtub?

I inspected a house today and while in the master bathroom I noticed a pipe coming out of the ceiling directly above the bath tub, about a 1/2" or so where it would drain into the bathtub itself. When I went into the attic the heat pump was right above the bathroom. I couldn’t follow the route of the piping because of insulation. Has anyone seen this before and is it a problem?

Yes this is a problem, if this is the condensate for the cooling it can not discharge into the tub.

Any pics.

Wesley, your site speaks of your 15 years in the construction business. What did you do?


I noticed the same thing. Wesley there is no sample report on your sample report page.

Only time you should see a ac secondary drain set up that way is a ceiling mounted unit. What a pain. Brings back nightmares

Its more than likely the secondary drain line and nothing says it is not allowed just that it must be in a conspicuous place which in this instance it most definitely would be . IMO dumb place to put it someones elevator did not go to the top floor

I agree, in fact, I see it often in condo’s - even in new construction.

Mostly see them here in one of three places Exterior patio ceiling, garage ceiling, Soffit must admit never seen one above a bathtub. We are called a backward type State here by some but I think most Okies would balk up at having a interior ceiling looks spoiled with a dry pipe protruding even in a bathroom

In 5 years I’ve never seen that. No excuse for it on a house. I’d write it up as “contrary to normal construction practices” and recommend relocation to a conspicuous location outside the home.