Is this a condensate pump?

It doesn’t discharge to anywhere. And it has a flow switch. It’s sitting on the slab under the furnace in the return air space. Please explain the function of this contraption. Thanks for the help.

That’s what it looks like. It’s function is to pump water to drain at a higher level, or out of the building, like from a basement that doesn’t have a floor drain.

Thanks. That’s what I thought it was. But it doesn’t drain to anywhere.

There is a small nipple, usually on top, where you attached a clear plastic drain tube. Maybe it wasn’t in use anymore. Most have a habit of premature failure.

The a/c wasn’t functioning at the time of the inspection. So who knows how long it’s been like that.

Frank, I see these on high efficient forced air furnaces much of the time. water vapor left over from combustion gases collect in that plastic tube Chris was talking about and then go into that blue/white reservoir. It acts like a miniature sump pump, kicking in when it reaches full and usually terminates discharged water into another drain line such as a sink drain lateral. It can pump the water quite a ways and I’ve seen these piped 30-40 feet before being T’ed somewhere.

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(PS… yes, I know what it is, and could be if on a HE Furnace).