What is this?

It has the condensate line running into it, and then back out to the air handler.

condensate pump - common when condensation can’t be drained in the immediate area and needs to be pumped elsewhere.

condensate pump


it’s somewhat like a bilge pump.

That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t find where it was going to.

The aquarium! :|.)

Ah, didn’t look there.

Those are popular here in Florida. People are putting a lot of faith in those cheap little pumps. When the stick or stop working it makes a huge wet mess.

I assume that’s a copper tube in between the two PVC pipes? If so, that should terminate outside somewhere. That’s how mine is installed.

That’s what I assumed the copper was for. I couldn’t get beyond the scuttle hole because of all the crap stacked up around it.

Hey Randy ~
Is the Grand Canyon Caverns still operating out there?
I loved that place! Haven’t been out that way in 12 years.

Shouldn’t the pan have a condensate overflow switch?

I have one in my home and it drains up and over to the laundry.

Noisy little sucker but it gets the job done.

They’re still open. Very cool place!

Yes, very cool. In the 60’s I think. :slight_smile:

My previous one in a different house did make a mess when it stopped working.

My current one was tied to the air handler, so when the pump stopped working, so did the A/C!

Since I have a drain in the basement floor, I just took the condensate tube out of the pump and stuck in the drain. Not sure why someone would want to pump it out to the yard when there’s a drain 4 feet away from the unit anyway

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Toilet paper!


Seems the floor drain would have been obvious to them. Not many floor drains around here and even fewer basements. A lot of the air handlers around here are either in a closet or in the attic so they definitely need an overflow switch and I have already seen a few that don’t. Can’t understand why they all don’t have one they are pretty cheap insurance.