COE 3.III reminder.

Particularly “fellow members” reference.

Thanks Nick that is a good reminder.

I just had my membership accepted and already a few members have breached the rules to which they preach to everyone accept themselves.


I like this one a lot.

What rule is that? The one you continually breach?

Again Wand.

Put up or shut up.:roll:

Boy you are slow, its not me who has to prove anything but rather you!

You sure are desperate. If you cannot make points then shut up already!

"Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts." *
Henry Rosovsky-Harvard

You made the accusation

so the burden of proof is on you silly boy.

Reminder again.

The burden of proof is not on me considering you are here repeatedly posting the rules you continuously breach.

When do you plan on setting a good example?

This is why no one takes you seriously.

Your good at making false accusations that that you can’t back up.

That alone reflects badly on NACHI. :shock:

Yet another example of stellar behavior by the man himself. Priceless.

Here is a fairy tale for you Ray.

The Three Little Pigs

Thanks they are so cute!


Ray Wand has been back the equivalent of a nano-second in this organization, and has managed in his short tenure to do the following:

ESOP Thread in Canadian Forum

Page 1, Post 5 - Disparages Jeff Jonas
Page 1, Post 6 - Continues the tirade.
Page 1, Post 8 - More lies and innuendo
Page 1, Post 11 - Attacks Mike LArson
Page 2, Post 17 - Disparages Mike LArson further.
PAge 2, Post 18 - Another attack on Jeff Jonas
PAge 2, Post 24 - Taunts Mike LArson with more lies
Page 2, Post 26 - Roy Cooke joins the fray. The ray and Roy show is back.
Page 2, Post 28 - Pretends to be “in the know” and change is in the wind. Advises member to pack his bags.
Page 3, Post 38 - Attacks continue. More disparaging coomments against a member.
Page 3, Post 42 - More nonsense
Page 3, Post 48 - Roy Cooke chimes in again. Violates agreement.
Page 4, Post 55 - Ray brings NACHI COunsel mark Cohen into the fray.
PAge 4, Post 63 - Friend requests from Ray are unwelcome. Constitutes harassment.

This was all in the span of less than 2 hours.

It was a poor decision to allow Ray Wand re-entry
In retrospect, Roy Cooke cannot be trusted.

I recommend the immediate removal of Ray Wand, and putting Roy Cooke back in a probationary membership status.

While Roy did not violate the COE today, he did violate the terms of his reinstatement, at which time he was warned that any transgression would result in sanctions or expulsion from the organization.

Ray, on the other hand, upon re-instatement, immediately went on the attack. This cannot be allowed to stand. He remains in violation of the COE, and has once again shown his true colors.

You’re making Ray nervous Joe. 5 minutes ago he had 40 post (not one relating to a home inspection), now he has 15. delete, delete, delete.

Make that 11. :smiley:

Joe you are showing just how Unfair you are you have not shown that I and Ray where attacked first and have only stood up against Improper attacks by others .
I know you are showing an unbalanced report … Roy

One of the other Canadian Members asked all to try and get along and I deleted many of my posts where I was defending my self from attacks from other members .
I expect Ray was doing the same .
I and Ray did not attack we defended our selves .
Why do you choose to ignore what they others have done .
Do you not feel fair play is proper all people should be treated equally … Roy

Why don’t you leave your posts and let everyone decide on their own if you and your butt buddy were attacked? Why delete them if they were merely defensive posts???

Simple answer to that is they where asked by a professional to remove the posts. The name has been withheld.

I wonder what your purpose is on asking these questions is it to make me look bad .
They do not seem to be in defence of you… Roy