Recent Code of Ethics investigation results.

Recently a member copied some posts from a thread in the NFE (Not for Everyone) section and forwarded them to a former member.

InterNACHI looked into this matter and discovered the following:

  1. The member started the thread originally.

  2. The member started the thread in the open section of the forum.

  3. The member had his notifications set to alert him when someone replied.

  4. The member did not realize the thread had been moved to NFE.

  5. InterNACHI’s notification system doesn’t alert forum users when a thread is moved to NFE.

  6. The member has a history of copying particular posts of the open section of the forum and forwarding them to this non-member, which is not a COE violation.

After reviewing these facts and others, InterNACHI has determined that no violation occurred intentionally. The member has agreed to be more careful.

I’m sure the investigation was thorough Nick, and I’m positive that the member will be careful in future. Thanks for your post.

Members, founder,
I try to act responsibly knowing that The International Associations of Home Inspectors is not one voice but a compilation of voices for all to learn from.
If I am in any way partly, or reasonable for this investigation, members, founder, I am truly sorry and regret my actions.

Please accept my deepest and most humble apology if I offended anyone.
I am truly sorry.
Please forgive me.

Kindest regards.
Robert Young.

We are all responsible for triggering unpredictable responses from colleagues/members.
This is an open message board.
Be Thoughtful/Mindful/Respectful to one another.:slight_smile:

If others feel they helped in any way trigger this review, it would be fitting a certified member of The International Associations of Home Inspectors steeping up and apologizing in solidarity. That is the principle upon how this association was founded. (As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another)

The International Associations of Home Inspectors has a COE for its members as well as for the CMI designation.
It would be mindful to remember what others created deserves the utmost respect, is theirs, and (all) should be held harmless.

Nick, founder, as always my hat is off to you, as well as the greatest home inspection association in the world. :smiley:

The International Associations of Home Inspectors
We are Planet InterNACHI; Resistance is futile!

Unnecessary and unprovoked attack on me. Again. Just to let you know who starts it.

Len, it has been removed.
Everything else will stay.
An act in good faith.


Lenard, look at the bottom of your page.
My father told me "never argue with an idiot, they just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience

That is from quote from George Carlin.

I am not arguing with you, I know I am not an idiot.
I know better than arguing with you.:wink:

Look closely to draw comparisons about the allegations on a member in good standing, what was used to address several allegations like using others material or repeating what another members say/said/saying, and the outcome.

May I recommend something for you this time?
Take a break.
Go to work inspecting homes. That is what you trained to be.
Get happy and busy.
Allow time to fly by having fun with new clients real estate agents and
build a bond within your community as a home inspector that works hard for a living seeing the real goings on.

Its a hell of a lot of fun!

Best regards George Junior.
It a laugh Len. Get happy.

Seems to me InterNACHI needs to better distinguish between which threads are OPEN (public viewable) and which are CLOSED (members only) so we can better choose what we say in either to prevent any more pillaging of our posts.

Also… There needs to be a notification system in place for when Staff moves threads to ANY location from where it originated, for ANY reason.

Is this where the drama club meets?

I hear ya Chuck. Jesus , this is like High School !!

No, this is pre school. Kids in a sand box act this way. Maybe take their bat and ball and go home if they can’t be pitcher.

There are people, who just have to see their name at the end of every post. Makes their day.

You think this is bad, the emails i received all day from Wand and Wood were worse.

Amazing how pathetic they can be

Jim, they are all hiding behind the recent changes in the defamation laws here in Canada and more recently in Ontario (Bill 52, Protection of Public Participation Act, 2015).

In an attempt to protect innocent individuals from frivolous SLAPP attacks, the law was changed to allow personal opinion, no matter how irrelevant or unsupported as long as it could be thought of (presumably by the protagonist) as being “in the public interest”.

The supporting criteria as to whether something is opinion or malice is made is based upon certain fundamental criteria, one of them being:

  • “Does any statement made tend to discredit or lower an individual ‘in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally’”

The defence of any defendant accused of defamation now has the added advantage (for them) of going to court and saying “My (the defendants) comments were so outrageous and my prior actions have proved that I am prone to this sort of behaviour that no right-thinking member of society generally would consider them valid”

The case is likely to get thrown out, and the plaintiff landed with all costs. While the intent of the legislation, like many other pieces of regulation, was well meaning.

It was however made based upon old established media premise, and has not taken account of the modern technology.

Now, in Ontario, only really rich people can afford to sue for defamation from items published on the web. Us poorer mortals are left with a $500 lawyer fee to establish we may end up investing huge sums to plead our case in court only to have it thrown out on a technicality and be landed with a huge bill.

This means we have to endure the whims of those who appear to be nutters who post whatever they please, allegedly in the name of public interest, and we have no real recourse to the law unless they say something specifically outrageous and defaming that you have cast-iron evidence they are saying it totally out of malice, rather than just as a warped or biased opinion.

Welcome to the 21st Century technology and 19th Century legal systems combined with the “fundamental rights” of freedom of speech!

Cabin fever already?

Slow day. finished report, break in marketing for coffee. :smiley:

I for one do not take part in this type of harassment.

Whats more shocking,

In an attempt to protect innocent individuals
I concur and say protect consumers.

Leonard, Jim openly publishes on his website that he is a director at OntaioACHI.
It has come to your attention many many times.
I do not know if you have done or said anything to Jim about it but it shows a bias.

Go ahead and complain you are being picked on with Jim M…
I for one tire of your endless MB posts and sound bites to everyone that posts.

May be if you meant what you said it would mean something to me and others but I see a bully trying to control everything using what others built up from the ground.
Be nice to see you openly recognise what they have done.

You left some out?

Jeff, not like you.
Everything OK?