College Football Bowl Pick Em Extravaganza

So here is your chance to Beat the Geek. That’s right. Take it to Dom and show him that computer geeks don’t know squat about sports, in this instance, College Football.

There are 35 Bowl Games. Pick a winner in each game and list the games in order of how sure you are they will win. Once you see the league, you will understand how easy this is. Yeah, right.

The first games are on December 17th so register your Group and pick your teams.

Here we go folks. Anybody can win… well except for BLUE BALLS WARNER and DOM THE GEEK.

Good luck to all.

Keep dreaming. None of these guys can beat the awesome computer program I made. It deduces the winner based on 42,513,613,123 variables. You’ll be luck if you can come within 20 points of me!

We’ll see if that works against my “throw it to the wall and hope some player sticks” method… :mrgreen:

Here’s to the Old Man going down in the first week of play offs! :twisted:


You think you got a system…??? “HAH!!!” I say!

My system will put yours to shame…and you’ll be crying in your beer after each losing guess…HAH!!!

Let me see now…#1… Toss the cat and see where it lands…

Join in the fun Jae. Winner gets a year free website hosting at HIP! Lets see how your cat toss works out for ya!