Colorado introduces legislation to license home inspectors

Senator Todd has introduced legislation to license home inspectors. SB15-140

And what do you think about it?

As licensing goes, I feel this is fairly well written. I am not in favor of licensing; However, it is what it is.

As a new inspector I will not be grandfathered in and will need to follow the requirements to be licensed. There is a lot to be determined by the Board on what is acceptable for education as well as the exam.

I am a graduate of the ASHI School, have completed most of the required courses on the InterNACHI website, have passed the National Home Inspector Exam, and the InterNACHI exam.

What I am most interested in is the required 10 inspections under the direct supervision of a training inspector approved by the Board. Who is going to be approved, are these inspectors going to charge a fee to tag along?

The approved inspectors that will be “trainers” will be designated by the board. The qualifications are in the bill. I think it’s 5 years and 1000 paid inspections minimum. As far as charging a fee I would think that will happen. Time will tell.

Jim Crumb of the Denver Chapter was the NACHI rep to helped get this created. He could have had some help to kill it, but this law was inevitable. So he worked to make it so as not to be so onerous that it hampered our abilities.
He did a great job getting in all the things that have been discussed for a long time at our chapter meetings. This law is not burdensome as some others and is about as fair to the inspectors as it could be made.
And it is NOT under the control of the Co. RE Comm. which is what was originally proposed.


I was unaware there were NACHI Chapters? I will have to search the NACHI website to see if I can find any information on the nearest chapter to me. I would love to join one.

Where are you located? If in CO I can help you.

I am in Longmont, CO. I appreciate your help.

The Colorado Chapter meets the second Tuesday of every month in Denver.

The Colorado Springs Chapter meets the second Monday of every month.

Their are others including the Mountain one that Greg has.

Let me know if you have questions. I am the VP of the Colorado Chapter.

The Denver chapter meets the 2nd Tues of every month. We meet at 7pm at the Perkins Restaurant at I-25 and CO Blvd. Attendance is free but bring money if you want to buy dinner. We usually have a guest speaker and help each other with problems and trade war stories. So just show up on Feb. 10, introduce yourself and get on the email list.
And a good time is usually had by all.

Thanks Dave - you beat me to it while I was typing.

Thanks guys.

I will be sure to be there in Feb.

I won’t be at the next meeting. I will be suffering on the beach in Costa Rica that week with a beer in hand.
Send me your email address Brett and I will add you to the list.

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My email address is

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I will enjoy all of my beers and other assorted drinks! :cool:

I have added you to my email list. I try to send out event notices once a month.

A “board” will be running your business: not you. You will run, abide, and handle your business by your state SOP’s; not NACHI, not ASHI. These board SOP’s will be, as stated in the bill, limited. All HI’s will create only 6 page reports, at $199 each. It will be ugly for the home buyer, but not the lobbyists or the REA’s who want these soft, basic rules, regulations, etc.

I wonder how much ASHI contributed to this lawmaker’s campaign fund.

There is more language about violators than any other section. You guys want to operate your business to this c r a p? You have nothing between your legs. We did in Kansas, and got the laws out. Stand up.

Who is going to police you? Where is the money coming from to operate this agency?

Fly me out there. I will tell the committees how it really is. I will explain how all of the attorneys will be making millions of dollars off of lawsuits that these laws will create. Just look at other licensed states, especially Texas.

You guys need to get a grip. Nick should be very alarmed, when all his association will do is promote his CEU’s. When ASHI moves in, Nick will not be needed. Stand up, people! The future of your business, and the home buyers of Colorado, is on the line…

It is very obvious that you didn’t read the bill. Yet you comment like if you know what is in it. Or maybe you read it like you inspect roofs. You didn’t open the attachment just like you don’t walk roofs.
If you want to have an intelligent conversation about it then I would recommend reading the bill. Other than that I will have no further comments with you about this.
Thank you and have a great day.

I see that you edited your original comments.

There “will” be 5 members of the board. Three HI’s and two outsiders, who will likely be REA’s.

Read the list of people who will be excluded. I was always upset in Kansas where engineers where excluded from the laws. Many engineers do home inspections, and all will be exempt from your laws, and will be your competitors. Under Kansas HI laws, many REA’s took advantage of this clause, had HVAC, electricians, plumbers, roofers, all do free home checks, and eliminated the need for home inspections. Then the tradespersons got revenue from the repairs they found, needed or not.

Checklist reports will be allowed, E&O and general liability insurance will be required. The board director will have full control. In order to be on any state board, such as was the case in Kansas, a college degree will be required of the board member. Many HI’s will be left out.

I agree that some provisions can be useful, such as fingerprinting, background checks, some insurance, and polices for discipline. However, a board Director will be running your business. The rules, regulations, and SOP’s, codes of ethics, all should be written and included in the bill, and discussed up front; not just give the board the power to write them after the laws are passed.

If HI’s are to be licensed, and part of the RE transaction, any tradesperson performing a repair per the inspection should also be licensed, and regulated by the board. State wide building codes must be established, so HI’s can truly state what a defect is, and is not.

Thank you for your comments Gary. I have commented above.