Colorado home inspector licensing & regulation update.

This morning, we had a 2-hour meeting with:

Colorado Department of Regulator Agencies
Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform
Denver, Colorado

…concerning the upcoming licensing of home inspectors in Colorado.

Only two trade groups were represented at the meeting:

InterNACHI and the Master Inspector Certification Board.

Issues discussed included:

  • What Colorado state agency the home inspector licensing board should be under.
  • InterNACHI’s 120-hour pre-licensing courses.
  • Criminal background check requirements for home inspectors in Colorado
  • Concerns about out-of-state “carpetbagger” associations’ attempts to influence licensing in our state.

Inspection industry leaders in attendance were CMI Ron Huffman, CMI James Krumm, and InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko.

When you say, “the upcoming licensing of home inspectors in Colorado,” it makes me wonder if a law has already been passed by the legislature? If so, I would very much like to read what the actual law says. Can you direct me to a copy of the law? Or maybe the idea is still in the discussion phase? Maybe it’s not definite yet? Thanks!

On October 15, the Office of Policy is recommending to the legislature to enact licensing. The report will likely include some general recommendations about grandfathering, continuing education, etc. At that point, InterNACHI will meet with the legislators about the exact wording of the Bill.

Nick, what has your presence been in VT? Vermont just brought this online July 1. To date, the state has only made efforts to contact Realtors. Beyond a process of testimony, inspectors have not been brought up to speed. It has been poorly carried out to date.

We’ve already submitted all our courses to VT. According to their site, they won’t have anything in place until the first of the year:

What is the basis for the “office of policy” to recommend licensing of home inspectors? doesn’t Colorado have enough pot money now? Why do they need to pinch home inspectors?

The Office of Policy in Colorado tries to quantify “harm” done to the public by unregulated home inspectors and tries to determine what regulation would do to mitigate this harm. If there exists a lot of harm being done by a lack of regulation … AND… regulation can mitigate this harm, they recommend the legislature enact licensing. It’s called a “Sunrise” review, which InterNACHI participated in.

What data does the “office of policy” have to support it’s position? Is this data available to the public to review?

They found one criminal act committed by a home inspector in Colorado. Sexual assault on a minor.

On the cost side, InterNACHI being headquartered here, most home inspectors in Colorado being members of InterNACHI (I think we have 443 members in CO) and our online courses being so robust and free, means that an argument can be made that the industry won’t suffer much disruption with the adoption of licensing in Colorado.

The Office of Policy all but admitted this morning that they will be recommending that the state adopt licensing.

Trust me there will be disruption it will take at least 5 years for all the power plays to get in place and to re-write all the start up mistakes;-)

Hopefully all Colorado inspectors will follow this development closely and speak loudly so they don’t get victimized by overzealous and intrusive legislation like we did here in Florida.